Tuesday, December 02, 2003


The child is running out of room, I am running out of sleep and all I want to do is eat Cinnamon rolls from The Cinnabon.
Let me answer another FAQ for you... No, the baby does not have a name yet. "Why not?" I can hear you ask--good question. When we first found out that we were pregnant Other Half didn't want to talk about names because "We don't know the gender yet." After we found out that we were having a boy the excuse was "Oh we have months before we have to start thinking about that." Now the comment is "I want to see what he looks like before we name him." What do you mean 'what he looks like'? He'll look like some kind of reddish-purple wrinkled alien that probably has a cone head. On that basis we'll have to name the child "Garzamelop" or "Azchghaterak" or some other Klingon-type name. I refuse to go home from the hospital with a "Baby Boy [last name here.]" I will just name the child without input and my husband can think about being proactive with the next child. That'll learn him.

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