Thursday, December 04, 2003

Pride & Prejudice

I recently attended the premiere of Pride and Prejudice, the new LDS adaptation of the classic Austen tale. One of my best, and oldest, friends Anne Kirkham Black penned the rewrite (along with another lovely friend Katherine Swigert and the talented Jason Faller.) Anne's husband Andrew Black directed the movie. Jennifer, Anne's sister and another friend, is production supervisor. My cousin Clark Edmunds is the special effects supervisor. My official title is Unit Publicist---which automatically makes me ineligible to review the movie with a good conscious. I also went over and over the script with Anne, helped to conduct script readings with test audiences, painted sets and made the lovely lime green and pink cake at the beginning of the movie. *Phew* I can honestly say that the production quality, cinematography, direction, and soundtrack are the best of the 'Mollywood' films so far. I'm so proud of the movie and of all the people involved. Go see it opening weekend. Pride & Prejudice opens December 5th. It is hysterical. You can get a taste of the movie at the Official Site.

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