Friday, May 07, 2004

Original MCM

I’ve done it, I’ve committed to a style. Much to the chagrin of my father I’ve fallen in love with mid century modern. Do you know how hard it is to find affordable modern furnishings? Nearly impossible in Utah. I hear talk of IKEA but it remains an impossible dream since the closest store is in San Francisco. Design Within Reach is curiously out of reach of my pocket book.

Then one year ago, in a serendipitous moment that will always make me smile, I found these amazing sofas from Are they not perfection? Just look at them! There was only one problem. All our cash was tied up helping this nice Nigerian man who asked for our help via email. So I stared longingly at the Nikko sofa and dreamed about one day owning it in either leather or an easy care micro-fiber. Oft would I return to behome to check in on my sofa-baby.

This April Other Half decided he was tired of my kvetching and said go on buy the darn things. I returned to behome only to find that my sofa-baby was discontinued!

The sinking feeling of being trapped in a real life O’Henry tale began to envelope me. I wrote to behome asking, nay begging that it couldn’t be true. Behome replied and said that actually, just the micro-fiber was discontinued and I could buy it in leather. No matter, said I, let me just sell the Monet I picked up at DI last week. I waited two days while the Monet sale was brokered by Sotheby’s and then returned to behome.

“Sorry!” said behome, “we no longer ship to Utah. You can come pick them up in person.” “Where are you?” said I.
“Kansas,” came the reply.
Kansas? KANSAS?! I can’t drive sofas from Kansas….or can I?

How much did I love these sofas? I complained to my friend Gabe at work. He asked me where the store was and I said “Olathe.” He said, “That’s my home town! I’m going out there in June and could drive them back for you.” The shock and happiness was overwhelming. I clicked back to behome to inform them of my purchase and what did they say? “Sorry, all Nikko sofas are now discontinued.”

The tragedy will haunt me all my days.

I trawled the modern furniture shops in SLC and found an acceptable alternative at Manhattan Loft. The sofa is a fantastic Bauhaus. The chairs are a little too modern-modern for me (vs. mid century) but Other Half likes them. Since he never has an opinion about how the abode should be I figured I’d let him have this way on this one.

I was hoping to have them in time for the Kentucky Derby as I have acquired a taste for the Triple Crown in the past few years. That was not to be. I’m hoping they’ll be here for The Belmont Stakes so that I may throw a party. Consider yourself invited.


Bek said...


I have the good fortune of living next to not ONE but TWO IKEA's. There is one 10 minutes from my house. I heard that they finally announced the Utah one.

Do you know what the best part about IKEA is? While you shop for your furniture, they have free baby sitting (for 90 minutes) and you can feel your kids for 1$ for lunch. Lets just say me and a few of my friends visit IKEA often!!!

Mid Century Modern. That is cool. There are lots of repo things out there, have you seen the West Elm Catalouge? I am sure that you know all about it, but just in case.....

Azúcar said...

I've heard the same rumor, but I (sadly) don't think it's true. I'm sure they'd probably put one in Vegas first. IKEA is great! Their cafe is good and kids just have a blast in the store. Since I wrote that piece I've been to a store or two.

My friend Anne picked up a grater for me in Scotland at an IKEA. When I showed it to my parents I said "Yeah, it comes from Eye-key-ah." They looked at me confused for a few minutes and then they said "OH! You mean E-Kay-Ah."
My mom had been complaining for years that there wasn't an E-Kay-Ah in the US like back in Europe. I guess I never connected the two--haha!

Yes, I love love love West Elm. And CB2, Target, and EBAY! Any place that sells anything midcentury.
I'm currently so obsessed, I should really just write an entry.

BowlerGirl said...

I am disappointed! I seem to remember a proposed trip to San Fran for the nefarious reason of going to Ikea for a couch. How bad can driving to Kansas actually be?

Azúcar said...
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Azúcar said...

Here's the thing, I totally would have done it, but they stopped making them entirely. There were literally no more to be had. At that point I would have taken them in ANY color and redecorated around them, but it was not to be. I like my other couch now, but I'll always love the one that got away.