Sunday, September 18, 2005

Cybill Shepherd Is A Giant Among Actors

You can keep your Scrubs, Arrested Developments, Gilmore Girls, and Prison Breaks. The show we all need to be preparing to watch: Martha Behind Bars starring the incomparable Cybill Shepherd reprising her role as Martha Stewart. It's the true and unrelenting story of the disgraceful fall, trial, clink-time and redemption of MS. I'm so excited that Shepherd has been able to create a new career for herself playing the ersatz domestic diva. Is there anyone more qualified? Don't answer that, because there's NOT.

Isn't it great when actors portray living people in a fashion in which the person in question most assuredly dislikes? The prime example is, of course, Amy Fisher who was played by no less than Alissa Milano, Drew Barrymore and Noelle Parker. However, Cybill Shepherd has turned it into more than just grist mill fodder. Cybill Shepherd is Martha. Cybill is Martha Behind Bars.


~j. said...

I concur. I ACTUALLY RENTED 'Martha, Inc.' and could not believe what was before my eyes. Maddie? Is that you? No, it is not. It IS Martha.

christopher clark said...

Does she scream about No More Wire Hangers? How diva does she actually get? Because I need to know that before I watch it.

Azúcar said...

Let's just say it's the pictures that got small.

There's lots of great scenes of Martha yelling at her drones. The line where Martha confronts her husband's mistress: "Hey, slut! I'm writing your mother a letter telling her you're a whore."

The cautionary tale is the best: don't be successful, or you'll end up bitter, alone, without a family, and in a house with no lights on--in Westport, Conn. Purgatory, I tell you, purgatory.

La Yen said...

The first thing that I EVER Tivoed was Martha Inc. I am dying to watch the new one. I would personally send Cybil Shepard $10 a show if she would reenact Martha's week like they did during the e MJ trials on E! A possible scene:
Cybil as Martha: You will not leave this table until you eat this liver
Intern: But you are in MY house!
CAM: Your house? I own you!
I: I am an intern for Passions!
CAM: I Own Passions--and all of daytime tv! I am Martha! Now is the great time of my power! I rule from the Hamptons to Turkey Hill! No fear of evil curses have you? Properly warned ye be, says I!

Azúcar said...

The tagline I heard last night:

Prison: It wasn't such a Good Thing.

La Yen said...

I am counting down the minutes...

Azúcar said...

It's on tonight at 8pm mountain, 9pm on the coasts, check your CBS affiliate!

Azúcar said...

Did you have the chance to watch? Here were my favorite parts:

1. The long Brian De Palma-esque opening walking shot ala Bonfire of The Vanities and Snake Eyes.

2. The super-duper over the top amazingly dramatic lighting. If I were a student writing a paper I would totally go for the 'lighting as main character' angle.


4. The cruel and ever-present teasing of Martha by the low-class inmates she was forced to co-habitate with for her incarceration. And by ever-present, I mean that one time that they teased her with "Maarrthha waaass aaa baaaaddd ggiiirrrl." Gut-wrenching!

Dan Fanuiel made headlines during the trial with his dead-on impressions of Stewart so I was a bit disappointed to not see him making fun of Martha right in front of Martha. Considering that this movie took place over a much shorter period of time than the last movie, it wasn't unexpected to see less of mean Martha.

Still, Cybill was Martha! I can't wait for the TV movie starring Cybill as Martha that covers her time on The Apprentice. Perhaps the one after that will be Cybill as Martha while writing a thank-you note. Riveting!

La Yen said...


Favorite parts--when martha makes the fresh corn gruel, Martha accepting the knit sweater, and Martha bitch-slapping (symbolically) her mom. I thought Cybill was genius, as always.