Friday, September 23, 2005

Games You Can Play At Home

One of my favorite hobbies is watching old TV sitcoms and dramas while playing the "Guess Who got Famous" Game. How is this different from being a couch potato? I’m glad you asked because it’s totally different. Instead of just watching an old show, you watch an old show to try to find people who are now famous. Like I said, it’s totally different.

For instance, just this week, I identified three of Jerry’s girlfriends on Seinfeld. Lauren Graham of Gilmore Girls played the speed-dial girlfriend. Melinda Clarke (Julie Cooper-Nichol-Cooper) of The O.C. plays the girlfriend on the Kramer reality tour (dumping the muffin stumps, shaved chest.) Yes, that was Jennifer Coolidge as Jody, the masseuse. Last night, Amanda Peet portrayed the girlfriend who is so intense, that George has to be Jerry’s relationship intern. A couple weeks ago I spotted Shannon Doherty on Little House.

The "Guess Who" game even has easy levels. Everyone remembers Tom Hanks as Meredith Baxter Birney’s drunken brother on Family Ties. Teri “they’re real and they’re spectacular” Hatcher on Seinfeld is another ‘gimme.’ Do you have any long lost favorites? Anne Heche on Murphy Brown? Helen Hunt on Mary Tyler Moore? Ben Affleck as a teenage dad on Danielle Steel’s Daddy?

Another favorite TV game is the "Getting A Lot of Work" game. This involves remembering actors from commercials and tying them together. For instance, the same chick is doing the Nivea Q10 Wrinkle Control commercial, the Suzuki Gran Vitara commercial and AND she got knocked off in the first week of Supernatural. Hey anonymous blonde chick, way to go, you’re Getting A Lot of Work!


cabesh said...

Debra Messing (Grace from Will and Grace) was Jerry's kind of girlfriend on Sienfeld (she played Beth on the Yada-Yada one and the one where Jerry and Elaine have been waiting for her and her husband to break up). I remember Tom Hanks from Bosom Buddies. Also, on Little House on the Praire are Matthew Labyorteaux (Bud on JAG) as Andrew Garvery and Jason Bateman as James Cooper-Ingalls.

Bek said...

I remember Sean Hays from ONE MILLION commercials before he got Will and Grace (the dorito's superbowl one where the guys are watching the game inside a clothing rounder). Also, the spunky girl with black, naturally spiral curly hair that does every commercial on earth...McDonalds where she is cooing and the guy thinks she is talking to him and she is really talking to the baby, the cereal commercial where the guy talks in the really deep voice and she says "Frank, knock it off". There are about 10 million more.

I am sad to say that I LOVE these games and I do them too. Daphne from Frasier did Seinfeld too, she is the one that had the name the sounded like a Womens body part. Seinfeld was a springboard for everyone famous. Remember George Clooney on Facts of Life? :-)

Azúcar said...

Sorry, Bek, as the world's secondmost recognized Seinfeld expert, I'm going to have to correct you. Susan Walters played "Mulva," 10 points if you can guess the name that Jerry couldn't.

Jane Leeves (Daphne) played the virgin. She ended up leaving Jerry for which legendary scion?

~j. said...


I remember Matthew Perry and Leonardo DiCaprio being on growing pains. And George Clooney on Facts of Life.

There's a woman with reddish hair that is in a million commercials, and since I haven't watched tv on a regular basis for 2 & 1/2 years, I don't know what's recent, but I remember her being in commercials for anti-depressants, and Sylvan Learning Center.

my verification: sxvgal

~j. said...

Sorry, I didn't finish:

Matt LeBlanc doing that ketchup commercial...anyone?

She left him for JFK JR.

Azúcar said...

Yes, Leo DiCaprio, but do you remember Brad Pitt on Growing Pains? Carol was going through a James Dean phase and Brad was the new guy in school. He just broke her heart into pieces. It took me years to like him.

One of my other hobbies is playing "Where Did Wardrobe Get That wardrobe!" Banana Republic is very popular on GG, especially for the men. I own the same BR blouse as a woman who is suffering from osteoperosis. This morning Anne Curry was wearing the red Diane Von Furstenberg dress I've had my eye on for a few weeks.

Anny Curry! I'm not through with you!

Azúcar said...

10 points for Jenny!

Name two of Kramer's aliases.

~j. said...

Does Cosmo count? And The Professor...Von Nostrand??

phread said...

I thought that I had invented these games. This is why I love Carina. It is also why I love Murder She Wrote--but I reverse engineer it into "Look How Far They've Droped."
Spunky dark hair girl from the Glad commercials is doing some drug ad, now, and have you noticed Gene Hackman and Susan Sarandon doing voice overs for pharmecuticals?

BowlerGirl said...

Hmmmmm.... This brings to mind the 'Puerto Rican Day Parade' episode when the crew get stuck in the traffic. I believe Senior Kramer goes to an apartment showing and claims he is no other than H.E. Pennypacker in order to use the bathroom. Please correct me if I am wrong.

jen galan said...

That was not phread, that was Jen Galan

Bek said...


You are so right!! My memory is tricky, I usually have all the right pieces, I just don't get them in the right place.

Allison Janney does voice overs for Kaiser out here. Roz from Frazier does all the Wells Fargo voice overs and of course, Juila Roberts (who I would shoot to the moon) does AOL.

I LOVE the wardrobe game. I am so out of it fashion wise I can't really play anymore......maybe I will get back into the grove


Azúcar said...

BowlerGirl you are correct! You win an all expense paid trip to New Jersey! Wait...

And yes, the other is Dr. Martin van Nostrand.

Azúcar said...

And Bek, you're not out of fashion, you're differently fashion-abled. You've just transferred all that good hunt and gather to your children, a noble pursuit. Nothing worse than a mom who looks smashing with her badly dressed children. Ok, so maybe there is something worse, but not by much!

~j. said...

Adam Sandler on The Cosby Show.

Bek said...

I always look at my lack of fashion hunting for myself as a great way to save money. If I was trying to buy hip new clothes for me--the kids would get nothing, nothing I tell you.

This week I am going SHOPPING, I have the credit card, the girl friends and the wonderful season of Fall that allows us to wear clothes that forgive a long list of figure I come!

Azúcar said...

Do you like luxury?

I love Fall clothes. Warm sweaters, and Jaguars, the finest motorvehicles in the world.

Ok, so I'm jealous. Since we're low on the funds, I can't go Fall shopping and it's killing me.

wendysue said...

How about Kramer as ASSMAN in that car parking incident?? Or was that Newman? I gotta get those Seinfeld DVD's!
I love playing name that voice too for all the voice overs and commercials. Sadly, most of my "name that voice" comes from the mother's lounge as I'm nursing during testimony meeting. That's a toughie though, trying to figure it out through all the tears!!

Kate said...

Okay, I love this game. And I'm an expert.

Another GG/Seinfeld connection is Scott Patterson (Luke) who is Elaine's boyfriend and has to plead his case that he's 'Sponge Worthy'.

Courtney Cox plays Jerry's girlfriend in the one where she says they're married so she can get free dry cleaning. She also played Michael J. Fox's girlfriend in Family Ties.

The girl from Sex in the City makes an appearance as another Jerry Girl in the epidsode where Jerry drops her toothbrush into the toilet and can't tell her before she uses it.

And, departing from Seinfeld, I recently saw Gob from AD in an old episode of 'Yes, Dear'. Cool.

And adding to the Brad Pitt in Growing Pains, he was actually on it twice. The other time was when he was a rock star or actor and disillusioned Ben because he was a jerk.

Yes, working graveyard shifts to put myself through college involved watching a lot of Nick at Nite.

Azúcar said...

Kate! Some solid catches there. I have never seen the other Brad Pitt appearance. Will Arnett on Yes, Dear, now there's a great catch! Who is Will Arnett married to in real life?

I do remember Scott Patterson as the sponge-worthy bf, Kristin Davis as the "now something of yours has been in the toilet" gf, and Courtney Cox who had been on a ton of things before Friends.

Yay WendieSue, ten more points. That's such a great episode. Not only is Kramer the Assman, but George's mom is out there.
"You're not out there! You can't be, because I'm out there and if I see you out there, there's not enough voltage in this world to electroshock me back into coherence!"
It's the Fusilli Jerry episode with The Moves (where Putty is doing Jerry's move, and Kramer puts the hand across.)

I'm a disaster. I'm sure that I could use my powers of recall for good, or for world domination, and instead I use them for sitcoms.

The voice-over game while nursing, that's a fun one! I just played that yesterday. I lost.

Kate said...

Will Arnett is married to Amy Poehler(sp?) of Saturday Night Live fame.

Weekend Update has never been so funny.

Did you know that Nancy McKeon (Jo from The Facts of Life was up for the role of Monica on Friends, but it ended up going to Courtney...just a little FYI for you.

Matthew Perry was also a boyfriend on Growing Pains he was Sandy, the one who died in the car accident. Did we discuss that one already.

Azúcar said...

No we didn't!
But my favorite pre-Friends Matthew Perry role was when he played the scumbag boyfriend of Mickey Dolenz's daughter Ami on the American remake of a French film "She's Out of Control". Tony Danza plays the father who watches his daughter morph from tom-boy to randy teen and then must save her from MATTHEW PERRY. A scary prospect indeed.

Amy & Tina have made Weekend Update the most fun since Dennis Miller. Although I do admit a fondness for Collin Quinn's Weekend Update. Anyone remember Amy Poehler in The Upright Citizen's Brigade?

Kate said...

This might be a little off, but Molly Ringwald was on the first season of Facts of Life and Juliette Lewis was in the short lived attempted spin off of Facts when Blair was the new headmistress.

Nick at Nite, can't beat it!

Azúcar said...

Yes, yes to both! Now I'm got an even more obscure one: Prior to friends Jennifer Aniston played the role of Jeannie in the now defunct Ferris Bueller sitcom.

David Hyde Pierce in The Powers That Be, anyone?

Christine Lahti does the Oil of Olay voice-overs.

Kate said...

Actually, I knew that one. How about Matt LeBlanc as the hunky boyfriend (I want to say Vinnie?) on Married With Children?

Azúcar said...

I can see I'm not dealing with amatuers. You got me on the Married With Children. Did you know that Sarah Chalke on Scrubs was on Roseanne as Becky...wait...yeah, everyone knows that.

Christa Miller (Scrubs, Drew Carey) was on Kate & Allie.

La Yen said...

I auditioned for that Sarah Chalke part in 1993--W and I refer to her as "there but for the grace of God." Or as my doppelganger.

Investigator on Martha Behind Bars was Snake from both Old and New Degrassi.

"Now we must make fresh corn gruel for the ducklings."

Azúcar said...

Ok, as long as we're confessing old auditions, I auditioned for Saved By The Bell in Junior High. I still remember it as it was my first professional audition. I horribly over-acted (as usual) and most deservedly did not get a call back.


BowlerGirl said...

Haven't auditioned of late, but here is another fun one. The chick who played the other Roseanne daughter (Darlene) has been in a ton of stuff lately. She should problably recieve a "Getting alot of Work Award." She was in ER last season, before that she was in 24, Will & Grace and now has her own show "Twins" on the WB.

P.S. My favorite TV game involves Law & Order. It seems all the replacements for characters leaving the show were in previous episodes as thugs, strippers etc...

Dr.E. Olivet (as a defendant for killing her husband?)
ADA Alexandria Borgia (Stripper)
Det. Nick Falco (Michael Imperioli of Sapranos fame)started out as a thug.
ADA Serena Southerlyn (started as a hootchie I think)

There are tons of others, but those were the ones I could think of off the top of my head. Then of course there are the ones who moved onto other thing. The obvious being Chris Noth (Sex and the City) Benjamin Bratt (alot of bad movies) Jill Hennessy (Crossing Jordan).

~j. said...

I heard someone on the radio talking about a new tv show with "the ugly daughter from Roseanne, and the one that's not Balki." (Sara Gilbert & Mark Linn Baker)

Azúcar said...

Gilbert IS Getting A Lot Of Work lately. good for her.

That's one of the things I love about Law & Order, they repeat their guest stars often. I once heard Dick Wolf (creator/producer) talk about how they'll often use the same actors a few years apart in different roles. He claimed that the audience is smart enough to see those as separate performances and doesn't shy away from repeating actors. It's great to see a former bad guy join the cast.

Chris Noth is back to L&O this time on Criminal Intent. I'm a happy girl.

On a different note, the new Amazing Race premiers TONIGHT!

wendysue said...

Carina, you mean you over-acted for the audition for saved by the bell and DIDN'T get a call back?? They must have already been full of over-actors!!

Kate said...

I thought the same thing Wendysue!

Also, hooray for a night of good television! Between GG, The Office and The Amazing Race (which I'm going to go on one of these days), I'm sure glad I have DVR!

~j. said...

"I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm!!!"

Bek said...

I am so proud of Kate (she is my sister after all). See, you DID learn something in college.

I LOVE that you guys brought up the Law and Order thing. L&O is the other springboard into the business (second only to Seinfeld). Eventually you will see everyone on those shows.

Darlene from Roseanne is Melissa Gilbert's sister. She also just had a baby w/ her partner. She is in the new show TWINS w/ the girl that played Charity from PASSIONS. It just gets better and better.

Does anyone watch MY NAME IS EARL? It is my new favorite, besides L and O, or course


Azúcar said...

wendysue, you may have a point there. Perhaps my performance was too full of nuance and naked pathos. Maybe they just didn't get the joke that I ripped off from Memphis Belle.

I still love L&O, but SVU was my favorite. I say was because I can hardly watch an episode now. Let's just say that if you want to still be an SVU fan, don't have children, because then SVU makes you cry, and then you feel like an idiot because you're crying at something on NBC instead of PBS where all prime-time crying should belong.

MNIE: I was happy to see the guy from the OfficeMax commercials make the jump to sitcoms as Darnell. Way to go Señor Steeples, you're Getting A Lot of Work!

La Yen said...

I just saw Donna Moss from the West Wing on Murder She Wrote. She is the only person I have seen on the show that wasn't a has-been, and got work after (not in a Very Brady Special).

T-Bone said...

Ok, you failed to mention another small bit actress turned successful thespian after Seinfeld. Jerry's agent on the show who keeps booking him at his old elementary scool is now the mom on "That 70's show". Huzzah!

Azúcar said...

Tonight I noticed Trey from The OC on an ABC Family Original Movie called "Alchemy." He had long hair, but I knew it was him. I kept waiting for him to score some coke, make out with Sarah Chalke, and then try to assault her. No luck. I guess they're sticking with the whole "ABC Family" thing.

ntreanor said...

I too love the wardrobe game - since working at J. Crew for years in LA and having wardrobe people in, I would keep my eye out for the shows/commercials/photo shoots that they came in for. Jack is practically always in J. Crew on Will & Grace...

I noticed the fat guy on the "NO" rewards commercial with David Spade is now on the Pringles ad too.