Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Jet Set Does Cancun

A few pictures of our trip to Mexico

El Guille paaahhhttaaayys in Cancun. I don't know if you understand; Guille IS party people. Cancun is his element. Check out his sippy cup--who knows what kind of crazy cocktail is in there tonight. Which club is he hitting? Which club didn't he hit! Where did his pants go? They're probably halfway to Cuba by now. Why the shades? Live hard, die hard. Don't switch the blade on the guy in shades, oh no.

We took Guille to an Aquarium where he got to touch a sting-ray, see sharks, and catch a dolphin show.
In case my mom is reading this, I wasn't the one who gave Guille his first taste of snowcone. I was merely a journalist, which means you don't interfere. Tomorrow I'm going to fabricate a story to have published at USA Today.

The palest boys in the world duck out of the sun before any kind of color blooms on their skin.

El Guille lives life dangerously (without the Batman floaties.)


Kadence said...

It appears taht you and Will hit the party places in Cancun a little bit more than I did while I was in Cabo. I guess someone has to play the grown up responsible adult in this workplace. Congratulations on being able to get away and really get away.

Azúcar said...

Yay! You commented. Yes. I want to be the cool mom, the one who will buy her kids anything they want, just as long as their friends think I'm the cool mom.

So far that means I've purchased a lot of fruit snacks.

kerri said...

That is awesome and I am jealous.

Azúcar said...

About the fruit snacks? You know you can just buy them at the store, Kerri.

Hey, I got a call the other day and I got to give a reference for you. Cool.

La Yen said...

I haven't checked your blogs--that is why I am so late in responding...I figured that you were never going to write again--2004 was your heyday.

I have pictures of Gigi in Mexico--next to a bum, next to a guy trying to sell me crap, next to a bum trying to sell me crap, and next to a store that sells Viagra.

Azúcar said...

Ohhh that is schweeeet.

It's crazy how much crap you are approached with and pressured to buy. I went to a "Local Flea Market" which turned out to be a tourist mall and I couldn't believe what they were trying to sell us. For instance, they were selling Pasa Vanilla for twice what you'd pay HERE. Pasa is like the regular supermarket brand. They were charging 5 bucks for a bottle that would have cost me 1.99 at Mercado Latino on University Ave.

La Yen said...

We can get the elusive "white vanilla: en la ciudad. Pienso que "vanilla blanco" eso como "corinthian leather."

Azúcar said...

Probably smells the same as corinthian leather too!