Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ma Vie en Heels

The other day my sweet son was playing with his Aunt LaQuina. She was wearing a pair of those oh-so-fashionable flats that kids these days are sporting. Will bent over, grabbed her shoe and got a confused look on his face. He took his little toddler finger and poked at her flat. He was so confused, where was the heel? Girl shoes have heels!

This made me think, have I set up my child for some kind of unreasonable gender expectation for the rest of his life? The only time I surrendered my heels was within two weeks of my due date (and it may have been due to the ice, not the belly.) When I wear flats I feel like I'm tipping backwards. My idea of reasonable preggo shoes were only 2.5 inch BCBGs. I once beat a man in a backwards foot race, he in his sneakers, me in my four inch black stilettos.

Last week on The OC we had a clear shot of Julie Cooper-Nichol’s shoes and I knew immediately that they were Manolos from his summer line. Carrie Bradshaw and I have nothing in common except for an inordinate amount of shoes. Other Half owns three pairs of shoes: black Docs, blue suede Addidas, and a pair of sport thongs from the BR. I must own at least 100.

Now that flats are all the rage, I feel lost. Lost like a kitten on I-15. Lost like The Minnow. Lost like D.B. Cooper.

I can’t conform. I can’t give up my beautiful gold strappy 3inchers, my camel wedges, the perfect red sandals with a true stack heel, the gorgeous leather black mid calfs from Nine West, the beautiful mary janes that I regretted passing up in the store and found again on ebay, my new olive python d-Orsays, the stretch brown boots that called to me after two years of searching for them from across the aisle at T.J., the silver spike 4inchers, the pair of $300 Ferragamos that I found at D.I. for $4.

Yeah, I wear hot pink heels to Albertsons, want to make somethin’ of it?


Bek said...


Have you seen Carrie Anne's posts? You two were separated at birth.

I love that you still wear great clothes and shoes. That is one things that I always remember about Melanie Phipps, she always LOOKED great.

I WANT to be that mom, but too often I find myself not taking the time to do it. I have started to keep up with a more trendy and high upkeep hairstyle....maybe the shoes are next.

I am like you but with handbags.....I LOVE them and I have one million. I can spot a bag and tell you the designer and season most of the time......ahhh bags.

Bek said...


I just read a few of your previous posts--not too many because my baby is screeching like a yeti, but I didn't know you were a film critic w/ Eric.

I remember one Sunday, right after I got home from my mission. I was living w/ the Melanie/ee's and Cathy and we went to Topher and Lisa's house for dinner. Eric was there (this may have been one of the first times he met the gals). We dressed up for the occasion. Under his jacket, he was wearing a GOLD LAMEE' (spelling way, way off) halter top. That is our Eric. He REPLACED me while I was on my mission. He watched TV with her, at fattening food, they brushed each others wait. Anyway. I will always lover Eric and HATE him just a little bit too for being a better "best girlfriend" while I was gone. Sigh.

I can't wait to read the backlog of film reviews. I read "Snide Remarks 2, Electric Boogaloo" again the other day. I actually snorted.


P.S. I was a history major at BYU too. Did you have to do a senior thesis too? Uggg.

Azúcar said...

Hey, let's just say that Kate Spade and I were separated in a previous life. The only thing that could come close to eclipsing my shoes are my handbags. Fendi, Gucci, Michael Kors, yes I own rip-offs of each. I'm a lucky, lucky girl.

I'd like to give nylons a shout-out!

Bek said...

Speaking of Kate Spade,

Several years ago, at a garge sale, I found a black gingham Kate Spade handbag from her FIRST SEASON (really hard to find, worth a lot now) and my daughter spilled Costco smoothie on it. Now it is a pink and black gingham handbag worth NOTHING. I still have nice bags, but I can't care if they get baby goo on them. My favorite was her luggage stripe line.

There is a Kate Spade store here in PA. It is dreamy. I love to go in there and just SMELL the leather. Her hand creme smells devine and her shoes are SO CUTE. I own more KS's then I care to admit (yeah for the Nordstrom mark down tables) and love it when people carry their Canal Street knockoffs and try to pass them off as fakes. :-) I love a fake handbag as much as the next gal--I just don't try to pass them off as real. Right now I have a $20 Birkin bag that I would someday love to trade for a real one....I just don't have $8,000 laying around....sigh.

Azúcar said...
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Azúcar said...

mmmm reeedddd Biiirrrkkkkiiiinnn

Bek said...

Hi Eric!!!

Wow, they didn't really have such newfangled things as computers when I was there (seriously, the internet thing happened while I was on my mission). The first time I used E mail was when I got home. Scary.

My thesis was on Quilting and how it was both a creative and artistic outlet for women, but also a record of the social history of the times. I focused on Hawaiian Quilet, Amish Quilts and Autograph Quilts for the late 1700's. Fascinating I know. :-)

Azúcar said...

Separated in a previous life---can't beat THAT mixed metaphor! Maybe I should stop posting while on the phone.

eric d snider said...

ERRRRBECCA! I sort of remember wearing that gold shirt, but I don't remember you being there! That was so long ago ... a different life, practically. But Lisa and I are still best girlfriends, and you CAN'T CHANGE THAT!!

And Carina, you shush about El Azteca and their chimichangas. Mmm... chimichangas....

Bek said...


Just because you can do her hair better then I can does NOT mean that you are her best girlfriend. You were just keeping my seat warm while I was gone.


Yellow Blade said...
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