Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Me and The Golf

I love the golf and the golf loves me. If you’d of asked me ten years ago if I would ever golf I would have laughed in your face and maybe even kicked your shins with my light blue Doc Martens. Of course, ten years ago I was preoccupied with failing all my college courses, abandoning the Student Review, quitting my job as a waitress at Galaxy Diner, and going to rock shows, so what did decade-ago me know.

Sports and I have a pretty grim history. I’m not a natural athlete; I’ve always had to work at it. I played on my ward’s softball team (willingly) and basketball team (unwillingly.) There was even soccer in high school (not a very long flirtation, just enough to make me really like soccer-playing boys.) My family isn’t particularly sporty either. We had to go to my brother’s little league until he quit (to the profound relief of everyone.) I don’t think any of us even showed up to see him play soccer in high school. Baby sister Lisha made the softball team in high school, but as she readily admits, it’s because the team was desperate.

Now I work at a sporty company. There’s the basketball, volleyball, soccer, flag football, men’s softball, co-ed softball teams, golf tournament, and I think they might start a curling team this winter. I played on the co-ed softball team for the third year this year and I wasn’t as bad as years one and two. It’s career suicide to not play sports.

With that in mind I signed up for the golf tournament. We came in second (only because our CEO plays Pebble Beach and may have actually been a consultant for St. Andrews at some point) and I loved it.

I loved being outdoors, channeling my destructive rage into a little graphite stick, whacking that piece of engineered resin, it just seemed right to me. I had dreams of striding down the courses in Hepburn-style wide leg pants engaging in lock-jawed conversations about summering on the Cape. After being discovered as the next Sorenstam, I could spend leisurely hours deciding on my endorsement deals.

When Shellie took up golf I thought it was strange. I knew that Tiffany had played for years but we’d never even broached the subject. Now my thoughts are consumed with a good walk spoiled. How sad that I couldn’t have wandered across this hobby when we were DINKs. Now that we’re sans the DI, I can’t afford the fees, my very own clubs or the matching wardrobe. Because let’s face it, when it comes down to it, if there’s a chance that a new activity could demand new clothes, that’s my kind of activity.


~j. said...

Do you really love golf? I'd like to know the appeal. I hear that those who understand it know it's the most challenging of sports.

Your growing-up years are the kind I'd have killed for. My family was only dad, anyway. I hate football because my dad loves football more than me. :( My dad would leave a game/match/meet right at the moment we lost before we had even done a "yay team" and then we'd have to find our own ride home.

Yes, I realize I need therapy.

Azúcar said...

My family are the super-intellectual types. Two professors for parents? Expecting us to be sporty would only result in heartbreak followed by name-calling. Remember "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye"? Well, we're either inflicting the eye-loss or the sobbing victim.

The only only sport we ever watched was BYU football. To this day I love BYU football. It means fall and winter, hot chocolate and outtings, tragic disappointments or thrilling wins, and my parents threatening to fail their students if they let the QB get sacked.

I've even started to truly enjoy Baseball in the past few years. There's something comforting about the slow pace and drama in a three hour game. And watching my Sox win? That was amazing.

I do love golf. I love whacking a little ball with all my might in a general direction and hoping it gets on the green. There aren't a lot of complicated rules, and you can play skilled or unskilled.
I think the best part is that while you can play with your friends, it's an individual sport. Really, you're only playing against yourself although your friends are there with you.
Maybe Bowler Girl can shed some light.

But seriously... the chance for a new wardrobe replete with plaid pants and pink tops? Golf rules!

~j. said...

Oh, I love GOING to a football game - thank goodness I couldn't be on the team! But, I much prefer night games. And, I do like baseball. My grandfather played for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Is buying a new outfit a prerequisite to playing golf? Because I like that idea.

How old is your little one?

Azúcar said...
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~j. said...

Nice. My youngest is 18 months...hooray for nursery!!

By the way, just read your entry about when he was born. What a great story.

Kate said...

Hey I just stumbled upon your blog, I found you from Lisa v. Clark's little space...

Anyway, I grew up in a non-sports family too, but as an adult, I've really grown to love sports. So if I might ask, what's your job? How do you get to work in sports?

I've been asked to help out at a women's celebrity golf tournament in April, I keep thinking I need to go golfing at least once before it, so I can at least know what people are talking about.

I am the queen of putt putt golf though...

Azúcar said...

I work at an Internet marketing company, so not sports related at all :). We love to play together outside of work (it's a tight-knit kind of place) hence all of the various teams in the various seasons. The only team I play on is softball, much to the relief of my colleagues.

You should go golfing! I thought I liked putt putt, but it turns out, I don't. I lack the finesse. I always hit the ball too hard in putt putt and spent half my time wondering exactly which green my ball had landed.

Now that I've played the real thing, I can't go back. If you have a friend who likes to go, that's the other part of what makes it fun, time with a friend.

The last carts!

Kate said...

Internet marketing eh? Interesting...

Actually I think you must be destined to be my new best friend, because here I am thinking about learning how to golf, and here you post about golfing (though I orginally clicked on here to learn about Rezna's...I think).

I might be moving in with my sister Bek (do you know her?), and her husband likes to golf, I might ask to go with him sometime.

Now I find out that you work for an internet marketing firm...I've recently been thinking about going back to school and doing something in marketing...I'm just saying. Too many coincidences?

Azúcar said...

I do know Bek, we met ten years ago when she was living with two of my best friends, Melanie and Melanee.
Marketing? Only if it's your dream job. I don't work in actual marketing, so I couldn't give you a good idea of what it's like. We provide search listing content and other paid inclusion services. I usually just say "Marketing" cause it's easier.

BowlerGirl said...

Hubby taught me how to golf when we first started dating and we have enjoyed going together for years now.
Golf is definitely an individual sport, until you start playing with my brothers and Pa Bowler. In my case it took at least 5 rounds of playing with the boys to even get a grudging "Hey, at least you can keep up". AKA my 5 strokes equal 2 of theirs. Other than that, I highly endorse the whole golf thing.
I wouldn't say no to an all girls golf experience since all I can say now is why, why, why?!?!?!?! You and Tiff should have decided to start golfing before I moved across the freaking country. And yes, golf carts are a definite bonus.
Moving on... For anyone interested, there is a great book called "The Token Chick" by Cheryl Ladd (of Charlie's Angels fame) that is really quite enlightening. Good tips on golf etiquette, female anatomy and the swing (boobs do get in the way) and other fun little tid-bits.
And as I mentioned to Carina, career suicide on the East Coast involves not going to happy hour....even if you just order a coke and hot wings. I vote for more golf and less Guinness!

Azúcar said...

I knew boobs got the in way!

We should have started golfing before you moved, it's true.
If you moved back to Utah you could go golfing all the time with us. Ha! See?! Your families aren't the only ones who can pull that trick.