Friday, September 16, 2005

Ruth Todd

I think Ruth Todd killed a man in Reno once just to watch him die.


~j. said...

no way. I'll bet it was Religion Specialist Carol Mikita. You know she has some dark, dirty, European contacts that she can only visit when she's on tour with the mo-tab.

Azúcar said...

Mikita is married to a BYU History Professor who only wears bowties. Cover? You decide.

Rachel said...


Talk about blast from the past! Yes, it is me--Rachel Harmon Schutz. How did you find my blog? (I'm new at the blogging game, so I don't know all the ins and outs yet...) I left you a msg on my blog, but then realized yours might be a better place. I'd love to hear about your love for mid-century modern--my husb and i just bought a Streng--Sacramento's version of Eichlers. Are you familiar with either? anyway, it's totally Mid-cent modern and very fun! our neighbors house was just featured in atomic ranch mag. let me know what you're up to!

Rachel schutz

BowlerGirl said...

No personal experience with this particular devil but Hubby fully agrees. He is pretty sure that she has a pentagram hiding under the rug in the front room and a secret closet full of voodoo paraphernalia somewhere in her basement.

Azúcar said...

I am obsessed with mid-century modern. Just obsessed. I'm toying with the idea of starting a blog featuring some of the good stuff in the Provo area.
I am familiar with Streng and love his houses. It's a shame I'd have to move to California to live in a Streng or an Eichler. The problem with here is that so many people have destroyed their gorgeous mid-century homes in a misguided effort to update them. New homes give me the heebie-jeebies.

I can't believe you have a friend that was in Atomic Ranch, it's my bible. Which issue?
More on your blog :)

There's just something about Ruth Todd that says she's not only in charge, she's the master of the universe. I don't begrudge a girl a little power, but you just know that Todd is using it to be the puppet master. Soon, she will make her move and we will all be living under her mind control.

La Yen said...

I like Ruth Todd. She is sturdy and doesn't make everyone call her "Deenie." You know who I loathe? I'll give you a hint--she is a BIG fan of the Stephen's Gourmet Cocoa and I would like to choke her out.

Azúcar said...

Hey, I never said I didn't like Todd, just that she may have made the biggest little mistake of her life in Reno.

Deenie, eeek. I don't know what Wimmer is trying to sell with that, but I'm not buying.

My dad hates Amanda too, and he doesn't hate anyone.

La Yen said...

How much do you think they charge to make out? $50? Or is that just LA?

Bek said...


In my circle of friends having to buy an Eichler is like having to live in a trailer park. They are the cheapest houses here, but they have really small rooms and no yard. I can't spit w/out hitting one. :-) They ARE great houses and I have seen some really great updates on them. One of my good friends just spent a year updating theirs (they got it for a steal...only $800,000--in Palo Alto, that is a steal) but it was unlivable. They have redone it in lots of great blues and greens w/ slate and granite. It is amazing, but SUCH a labor of love.

The big drawback is that there are lots of things that you aren't allowed to do to them in terms of remodeling. The city will not allow you to change the footprint of the house or do anything that makes them not look like an Eichler. That means you can't expand or modify the open floor plan. That makes them hard to live in if you have a family. I just was in one the other day that the owner had decorated in ASIAN decor. Ickkky.

Have you seen the blog Design Sponge? She tracks and shows lots of fun modern stuff. Here is her address.

I can't wait to see some of your new ideas. Have you been to Lisa Clark's house? She has very modern style and you can see it in her home. It is great.

~j. said...

As painful as it is to listen to Amanda, have you ever heard Scott & Maria? They HATE each other.

S: Wow, what a story. Can you believe they made a snowball that big?

M: Those kinds of activities are for people that don't have children.

S: I'm just sayin'. I mean, have you ever SEEN a snowball that big?

M: I hate snowballs and I hate you.

Azúcar said...

That's why I don't listen to KSL; only KUER.

Bek, I still love Eichlers :) It's the open floor plan and the judicious use of space that most appeals to me. I'm a proponent of the Not So Big House concept, for building the way that we really live. These ludicrously large homes just waste resources and space (that's RIGHT Ivory Homes, it's about to go DOWN.) Those stucco cookie-cutter 300K+ developements make me ill.

Bek said...

That I agree with. I don't like the idea of a huge cookie cutter house. They have no personality. We moved to a 4 bedroom condo and it feels to big. I guess I was made to live in Palo Alto or NYC.

I like Eichlers, I just don't want to renovate one!! Move here and be my neighbor!!


Azúcar said...

Your argument would have been more persuasive a year ago before my mother in law left Fremont/Newark. My sister in law Amy is still out there going to school.
Plus, those real estate prices are crrrazzzzyyy. When Joyce's townhouse sold in 10 hours, I couldn't believe it!

I do love the bay area, I even considered going to law school there. Who knows. The idea of renovating an Eichler sounds like a dream.

Bek said... is rediculously expensive but really fun. The weather is good, the people are awesome...I throw wicked parties....we are always in the market for new ladies. Several of my friends have finished law school at Stanford and Santa Clara while raising their kids. You would be one in a big club. It can be done. :-) You could always come and manage apartments..that is what we all do.

10 hours huh? What took her so long?