Friday, November 18, 2005

Haphazard Thoughts and a Facelift

Sometimes I imagine I go away for a spell to my mother-in-law’s. When I return the house is suspiciously quiet. I start looking around…something…is…different.

“Hello!” a voice in a chipper Lancashire lilt announces and out steps...DEBBIE TRAVIS from behind my gorgeous new early 60s partition.

She says “Do you know who I am?”


“Well,” says DEBBIE as she steadies me, “Your husband called us and said how much you do to keep your family happy. How you work so hard to take care of everything. I know how much you love modern everything—as do I! Your friends and family, along with the Sivart crew, have spent the past four days transforming your home into the mid century swanky pad you’ve always dreamed of! Normally we only do a couple rooms, but for you, your entire house has had a facelift! Go look at your new house!”
I act surprised and humbled. I shed a few discrete tears (not enough to make me red and puffy.) I talk about how wonderful my husband is to have remembered Debbie’s name and have submitted the house for the facelift. I hug Debbie and laugh effortlessly with the crew about all the crazy things that happened while I was away.

“What?! You had to redo the backsplash three times because they sent white subway tiles instead of the mini-stainless steel?! Oh, DEBBIE!”

Then the credits roll and we live swankily ever after in our new old house.


I have no one to watch the BYU-Utah game with because J doesn’t watch football. NOT EVEN the Holy War. He also won’t watch baseball with me. I am secretly glad I had a boy first because in a few years he and I will watch the game together and not invite J. I just hope El Guille doesn’t want to watch basketball (talk about boring!)


A friend of mine recently opened her home to FIVE children who had been abandoned by their parents. She and her husband haven’t been able to have children of their own, and then, one day, she had five under twelve. Something she said yesterday just made me feel hopeful for all lost children, “For every year that a child has been abused and neglected, it takes one month in a structured and loving environment for the child to trust and open their hearts.” She already has three, and two more will be hers in their hearts inside six months.


I’m a dork, I’m a dork, I’m a dork. I have been getting no sleep lately because I’m reading Knife of Dreams, book eleven in The Wheel of Time series. I have been reading these books for TWELVE years. So, while I know I’m a dork, I still have no patience for the whiny Harry Potter fans that get their books with a regularity that I both envy and despise.


Karaoke party, anyone?


I am glad we live in Utah where things just desiccate instead of growing mold. El Guille likes to hide food. We have learned to regularly check these locations: inside the toy chest, behind the entertainment center, behind the couch, behind the toy chest, and his laundry hamper. We knew he had a new hiding place when large pieces of fruit went missing. Turns out he had moved the old cable plug cover and had been stuffing the wall cavity with apples, bananas, and probably bread. That’s my little hoarder!


~j. said...

karaoke, indeed.

Rachel said...

i love your ramblings. great pics of your house ;) very mod, indeed!
i am so happy that your friend took in 5 children. she is a wonderful person whomever she is. tell her how awesome she is for me.

and i love the dm concert story. i was never a whole-hearted fan (i moved to provo at the height of the craze, and am now proud--horrified in the past--to say that i was NKOTB all the way, baby!

Azúcar said...

I should say that Tiffany and I tried to do that red wall in her house. It looked AMAZING. But as we peeled off the tape, it started taking bits of wall along with it. The wall is pretty much ruined. We've learned some lessons to be applied to the next residence we try to paint.

I was never a NKOTB fan, I always saw through them. I think I already liked The Cure at that point. Now, Paula Abdul, I was so into her music! At age 13 I totally understood Cold Hearted Snake.

Rachel said...

i learned last weekend that you're supposed to do a grey primer under red....that's only after my first coat of transluscent green was a miserable failure and i went to home depot to complain, and they told me that i would have to paint 7-8 coats with a color that saturated. hello? i'm the queen of painting bold, and i've never done more than one coat and a few touch-ups. so pissed, i was....and i chose a new color (japanese fern) and mixed it up a bit (+10 drops of raw umber--i love that name--it reminds me of alf--or is he burnt sienna?) and paid for a new gallon because they wouldn't give me a free one, even after i swore for the first time in a completely public setting with total strangers....i've sworn before, but never as an adult in that context. i felt like total w.t. until i looked around and realized that everyone else had multiple piercings, multiple tatoos, and nasty teeth. and then i walked away and did my one coat wonder and now i love my walls.

so how was that for rambling?

you must have been one of those girls who i feared because if you found out i was a closet nkotb fan, you would have raked me over the coals and i would've gone home crying. i swear, nkotb caused me much shame once i moved to provo...they were cool in washington state at least.

katie j. said...

are you sereous?!?! Debbie Travis came to YOUR HOME and redecorated your whole house... I am so jelouse.... and if your kidding me and did it yourself, it looks awsome. or maybe, most likey I am totally lost and none of that happend at all well what ever it is..... yeah im lost

Kiki said...

There was nothing closeted about my NKOTB fanaticism. I had the t-shirts, the big-a buttons, the sheets, the dolls, um...what else? EVERYTHING!!! But I was also a major The Cure, Morrissey (YUM!), DM, Oingo Boingo (107.5 The End ruined that for me, thank you very much! Can I get an AMEN?!), Beastie Boys, U2, etc. fan. I rarely took my ear off the my entire life. Except country. You can have that one, sister.

Those rooms are very cool, by the way.

Azúcar said...

Dear Rachel,
I wouldn't have made fun of you! I was far too insecure to have made fun of anyone else. If you'd of told me that you liked NKOTB, I would have lied through my teeth and said "ME TOO" just so that you would have liked me. Then I would have asked to borrow both your tapestry vest and your super frosty pink lipgloss.
It did take two coats to cover the red in my living room with Pale Ivory. Honestly though, it could probably use a third.

They are cool. They would have been cooler if they were actually mine. I am so glad that I am not the only one who thinks that The End plays ALL Oingo Boingo, ALL day long. I don't subscribe to all country, but I do love Patsy Cline.

Rachel said...

proud to say i never owned the tapestry vest...frosty pink lipgloss is a whole nother story...i even have some to this day! (a little more of a frosty taupe, though...)

Emmie said...

I believe I owned not one, not two, but THREE tapestry vests at one point. With gold buttons.

Azúcar said...

Dear Emmie,
I know you did because I knew you then and you were always haute couture. I'm sure you owned a silver flat herringbone necklace too!

p.s. don't even DENY you wore those huge chiffon bow/ribbon hair clips, I may have photos to prove it.

p.p.s. drop me an email at carina1
(at) gmail dot com, for I have a question for you.

Geo said...

Yeah, well, my grandmother hides leftover fried chicken in her purse (it's for the cat, I promise) whenever we go to eat at Huck-A-Rama. What percentage of the time do you think she remembers to take it out within 24 hours? Hold your nose and guess.

Bek said...

Carina...have I told you about designsponge yet? She has a blog and it focuses on all modern decor and products.

Ikea has a childrens table right now that is white and modern and has fun pedistal bottom. It would be fun with those molded plastic chairs that look like eggs.

Soon, soon, you will be up to your eyeballs in mid century modern.


Azúcar said...

Not soon enough! 1.5 years away! In the meantime, I have to assauge myself with plenty of trips to The Green Ant.