Thursday, November 10, 2005

I Have Found the Liberal Media

I keep looking for this Liberal Media that the kids keep talking about. I’d never seen an example of it until this week. Through accidents of fate culminating in extraordinary laziness of remote location, I have seen Jay Leno’s monologue four times in the past week. In four separate “monologues” Jay has made jokes about oil companies and oil company executives. On at least two occasions, oil company executive jokes have been the opening joke.

This kind of pinko, anti-capitalist rhetoric can not be allowed to continue. Oh sure, you’ll say, Jay should be off the air because he is the antithesis of funny; because he take humor and turns it into a blunt object of unimaginable torture. That he is not a comedian as much as a hack milquetoast sop of a man.

Nay! I argue that Leno should be removed from the public airwaves because he hates America and the free enterprise mecca of patriotic fervor that is our God-given land of milk and honey. Jay Leno needs to learn our language or go back to whatever loser country he’s from. I’m certain that he not only loves the terrorists, he vacations with them in RED CHINA. I think he welcomed guest Howie Mandel, held a public renunciation of Christianity, and followed it with the slaughter of small woodland creatures on Tuesday. So, in closing, the Liberal Media is on at 10:35pm on NBC, should your dastardly counter-revolutionary demands need to be satisfied.


~j. said...

Plus, he loves his cars more than America, and he has a crush on Oprah. Communist.

Azúcar said...

His radical agenda must be stopped. What's next? Calling for the blood of the bourgeoisie? Raising Marx from the dead? I've seen quite enough, COMRADE Leno!