Monday, November 21, 2005

Warm and Snuggly

People ask me all the time why I feel justified in wearing real fur (see title.) Now when people give me the stink eye for wearing my vintage furs, I will hand them this article:

Woman Loses Face in Encounter With Seal

JOHANNESBURG - A seal bit off a South African woman’s nose after she tried to help it back into the sea, an official said Monday.
Elsie van Tonder, 49, is expected to undergo surgery this week after being bitten on a beach near George, about 400 kilometers (240 miles) east of Cape Town on Saturday.
Her nose was found but could not be reattached to her face, local media reported.

“The seal had been lying in the same spot since Friday, so the lady and a few other people were trying to take it back to the water,” said Herman Oosthuizen, a marine biologist with the Department of Environmental Affairs.
“The young female seal then bit her in the face.”
Cape fur seals are common on South African shores, and many have become accustomed to humans. They are a popular tourist attraction and can be viewed playing in the sea by Cape Town’s waterfront.
But they can be dangerous and sometimes attack people who venture too close, especially in fishing harbors where they come into close contact with fishermen offloading their catch.
“It’s a predator, it’s got vicious teeth and if it bites you in the wrong place, it could kill you,” Oosthuizen said.

Now, do you really feel bad about those seal boots? She was trying to help that seal, not club it, and this is the thanks humans get?! I'm telling you people, what more do you want? It's them or us!

*emphasis added by me.


Kiki said...

I like veal.

~j. said...

Here's my thinking: If you have an animal as a pet, take care of it. Otherwise, who gives a rat's? Happy boots to you.

La Yen said...

I have long maintained the position that we have to eat and wear animals in order to show them that we are higher on the food chain. Do you not think that chickens would peck us to death, and then share us with the cows who would digest us seven times, if given the chance? Show them who's the boss (Tony Danza) and they will stay in line. It is akin to killing the scout ant and leaving his body as a warning to other ants. (Except in El Paso where they will eat him and be glad for it). I love my vintage furs. If I could find a fur that was new and did not look like it was for a Jersey Girl I would consider it. I also like veal and nuggets and cuddly cuddly lambs.

metamorphose said...

Carrie so funny. *chuckles viciously*

This reminds me of vegan bondage gear...and how ridiculous a pleather corset really is.

Geo said...

So, you got this fixation from your mother, who is directed by the Spirit to vintage furs in thrift stores?

I passed up a beauty last month that was almost given to me (long story). It had the widest shoulders I've ever seen on anything cut in my size. I actually had a Bette Davis moment while wearing it.

Once a seagull latched on hard to the end of my mother-in-law's nose and wouldn't let go. Mum was just trying to help the wounded thing, what an ingrate. Might've made an interesting hat.

AzĂșcar said...

It's true, I did get a fixation on all things vintage, from hats to furs, from my mother. I am become her.

Do I feel a tweeensie bit guilty when I wear them? Yes. Then I realize, what am I supposed to do with my vintage furs? Bury them in the backyard?

(OK, yeah, that's my mom's line too. Not an original thought in my head.)

The funniest thing (well, not the funniest, but amusing nonetheless) was when I met with my insurance agent to determine the value of my home owners insurance. We got to the section of "Jewelry and Furs" and she laughed and skipped over it. I said, wait, hold on, back up, yes I DO have furs. She looked at me blankly for a minute and said, "Oh. Well...uh, no one ever says yes to that question." Well, I DO.

Jen, Can you pass me the chicken wings? For we all know that chickens ARE evil creatures and deserve to be eaten with relish (the verb, not the condiment.)

BowlerGirl said...

I realize I'm super slow on the uptake here but all I can say is 'Hurray for furs! Vintage or whatever else...minus the Jersey girl look.'

The only reason I ever feel guilty when wearing one of my lovely coats is when Hubby gives me the stink eye. Other than that I wear them in happiness and peace.

Way yay for fur!

BowlerGirl said... now that the picture is here I can say....Carina you look FABULOUS! You are look extremely thin and beautiful in this particular photo.

AzĂșcar said...

BG you are too sweet. Of course I'm not going to post a picture that I don't think is flattering. As you know, it's all in the lighting and the angle.