Wednesday, November 02, 2005

You Have One Week and Two Days

I'm putting you on notice. If you have not already, you have one week and two days to watch The Way We Live Now starring Matthew MacFadyen, David Suchet, Cillian Murphy, Shirley Henderson, and Miranda Otto. You have one week and two days to watch The Way We Live Now because in a week and two days the new Pride and Prejudice comes out and you want to be able to say you knew Matthew MacFadyen when. People always like you better if you say you knew about something first.You have to trust me on this one. I have a talent of playing spot the star. I called Clive Owen when he did Second Sight. What happened next? Croupier, the BMW commercials and then Gosford Park (we all know Beyond Borders doesn't count.) I knew it with Cillian Murphy and Matthew MacFadyen after seeing The Way We Live Now. Cillian crossed with 28 Days Later (so scary!) Batman Begins (so good!) and Red Eye (meh.) Seeing Matthew in MI-5 (aka, Spooks) was just a double confirmation. See, don't you like me better already?You should also be watching for Shirley Henderson, who is always criminally underrated and TWWLN just proves it once more. By the time you read this you may only have one week and one day. That's the skin of your teeth. Maybe we should have a viewing party? Tiffany and I were having a conversation tonight about the old P&P and the upcoming P&P. She is concerned that the literary conventions that were so well portrayed in the old P&P will be absent from this P&P. That, similar to the half-hearted and truncated Vanity Fair of last year, the new P&P faces unsurmountable odds in the inherent feature time limit. I countered that Matthew will pummel that smug Firth. That's right! I said it! Colin is going down!


BowlerGirl said...

I will run, not walk, directly to Hollywood after work to snap up this movie.

I'm planning on watching it without Hubby tonite because these are the kind of films he pretends to enjoy but secretly hates.

Since I torture him with house work I'll leave him out of the whole period-peice-romatic-girl-movie thing.

Emmie said...

I can't wait to see this movie! And I, too, have concerns about the new P&P. (Specifically - I'm going to be really annoyed if Keira's arms are super toned and muscley in her period costumes. NOT THE WAY IT WAS, HOLLYWOOD.) But why are you dissing my Colin? Do you dislike him as Darcy, or as an actor? I thought he was a glorious Darcy, but he's made some icky film choices lately, so I'm disappointed in him.

Bek said...


I am a HUGE MI-5 fan. I love it when great actors jump the pond. It is funny how famous an actor can be in England and people here have NO IDEA who they are? I can't wait to see the new P&P and am going to rush out and get the movie you suggested.

While I agree that Colin Firth did a good job of embodying the distant and aloof personality of Darcy that we see in the book--I always WANTED him to be just a little bit more passionate and less passive in his relationship w/ Eliza. hmmmmmmm


c jane said...

My CK and I are VERY concerned about Keira's jaw. Does she have an underbite? I think she might.
It almost destroys the movie for me.
Also, on an unrelated note, does Claire Forlanni flaunt her lips? I can't watch ANYTHING she is in cause all I see is MASSIVE LIPS moving up and down.
Underbites and Lip Flaunting Destroy Movies (ULFDM).

AzĂșcar said...

Oh I couldn't give a fig about Keira. She or her rapidly receding jawline (was she going for stern-jawed?) This is the Brenda and Matthew show. Is there anyone more perfect to play Mrs. Bennet than Brenda Blethyn? You don't even have to answer, because there's not.

Poor Claire is nothing but a pair of trout lips attached to a matchstick. She may have peaked with Mallrats! Have you seen Meg Ryan lately? It's pathetic!

As for Colin. Don't get me wrong. I like him both as a person and as an actor. However, if I may without the Gods coming to take away my Girl Card, I didn't think he was the best Darcy ever. I think Matthew will be better.

Now, I know that Bek loves MI-5, but have any of you seen that or The Way We Live Now? Am I preaching to the choir here?

~j. said...

Cjane, I can't decide about Claire Forlanni. Initially, when I look at her, I don't think she does the lip thing on purpose, but the squinty eyes make it seem like she's CONCENTRATINGSOHARD to get the pucker.

heh heh...pucker...

There was a girl in my high school marching band with a severe underbite. She played the flute. Think about that. There was speculation for a time that she had to hold the flute upside-down in order to play it.

c jane said...

Looked EVERYWHERE for that movie was NOWHERE to be found.
Ask Phready, I take movie suggestions seriously.

AzĂșcar said...

Hmm. This might call for a viewing party. I will follow up.

Rachel said...

looks good. i'll put in on my netflix queue.