Thursday, December 29, 2005


"How about if we have dinner now?"
"There isn't any pizza. I warmed the
barley veggie dinner from last night"


"Well, I'm having the barley. Let me see what I can do for you."


"Yes, and pears!"

Grilled cheese on wholewheat does look like a pizza when

cut it in a triangle. "Pizza!"

Let's make brioche!

Those French don't kid around when it comes to butter.

Add flour a bit at a time.


Don't you just love dough hooks? So squiggly.

Time for kneading by hand. If dough looks like this, more kneading. Probably 5 more minutes.

Good for triceps.

Needs teensy bit more sugar and salt.

Now that's a properly kneaded dough. Let it rise.

In the meantime you can play "Cars." Or listen to a concert. Very avant-garde composition.

Ahhh nicely risen!
Hey! This dough thinks you're alright!

Repeat rising with quick kneads in between.

Three equal pieces (11 oz each.)
Rolled out. You know how. You've been practicing for years.
Braided dough. Must let rise again.
Eggwash. Recipe says 425 for one hour. I don't believe recipe and set alarm for 40 minutes.
Mmmmm. All done. Looks darker in picture than it is in real life, although 35 mins might do it next time. If I wanted to be evil (and if there was any left over to dry out) I'd make it into brioche french toast and serve with caramel sauce. Sugar shock.

What do you do when you don't have

to cook dinner?


Kiki said...

You are so evil making brioche in my face like that!

lisa v. clark said...

If you sold a receipe book, it could pay for your Target addiction.

c jane said...

That was fun.
New camera???

AzĂșcar said...

Can you tell? I promise not to go overboard.

I feel like I should come clean. I don't let Guille eat whatever he wants for dinner whenever he wants. He gets what we're having. However, on nights when we're eating leftovers, no harm in letting him choose what to eat as long as it poses no undue burden to me. Ok. I feel better.

Things I also make when J decrees it leftover night:
Mushroom Stroganoff! (mmmm)
Clam Chowder (mmmm)
Dijon something or other
Anything with sour cream
Something with vinegar

And sometimes I knit, try a new recipe, paint, watch a movie, read, read to Guille or play with him.

Thank you, LVC! If I made enough to finance my love of Target, I'd probably upgrade to WestElm, CB2, or Design Within Reach. A girl just can't yearn for that which falls into her means, can she?

Bek said... sister is an editor for a publisher called Gibb Smith. She is over Home and Kids. If you have an idea for a recipie book or childrens book, let me know. She keeps asking me to do a book on cupcakes. You could do desserts, etc. They are a big-ish publisher, not out of someone's living room. They are ALWAYS looking for new recipies. If it is cute and catchy and caters to a niche market--you are in. Seriously...feed your target addiction.

AzĂșcar said...

Oh Bek, don't toy with my heart.

I do have a few ideas running around in my head.

Bek said...

I e mailed you book info. My sister (Kate) wrote a childrens book so I know that it can be done!! As for your question about what I do when I don't have to make dinner? I DON"T MAKE BRIOCHE!!! I am way to lazy. I do have a great recipie for Eggnog bread pudding with caramel sauce, made with Brioche--but I buy it.

When I don't have to make dinner I check out all my blogs. :-)

Kiki said...

mmm...brioche...*drool* I ate that many mornings when I lived in France and almost every morning when I was in Senegal. Kick the recipe over.

Queen Scarlett said...

Will you join the Sistah's site? I wish I could eat at your house.

Rachel said...

yum! that is so divine. and just in time for my i've got to lose 12 pounds in 6 weeks out of desparation attempt.

Emily said...

bek--can you get strangers hooked up with your sister? My husband has a children's book he's finished he would love to get published. Who doesn't, but seriously?