Sunday, December 25, 2005

December 25th

Happy Christmas to everyone. Today is the day that Guille finally took a bubble bath with his new Elmo Watermelon Bubble Bath Christmas present ($0.97 at Target.) This is momentous because this is the first time he wasn't terrified of the bubbles and therefore that I did not have to drain the tub and fill it again. That's my genius. I broke down and got him two presents: the bubble bath, and a stuffed dog that is very soft and was very cheap.

It's tradition to eat oatmeal on Christmas morning because you will be eating so much junk that you have to have something healthy to start with. If you prefer, you can have leftover Clam Chowder from last night (with worchestersherhercheshire sauce, of course!)

If I'd flocked my tree it might've looked like snow was weighing down its branches. Instead, the tree just looks dejected. I looked at it last night; a gaudy thing drooping with ornaments and topped with a kitschy star. It kind of looked ridiculous in my clean-lined living room. Just so incongruous with its surroundings. There is a reverse halo on the floor of pine needles. El Guille has not only surpassed his fear of the tree, he has exacted revenge on it by hitting it with whatever objects he can find. He has not only slain the dragon, he now revels in its lifeless (yet piney!) corpse.

We're off to my family's for dinner, prezzies, movies, games, and scriptures. I hope your holiday was as peaceful, simple, and as fattening as mine.


~j. said...

I love that sauce.

Bek said...

Carina....great picture of the family.

I am glad that Will has slain the tree!!! Sounds like you guys had a peaceful holiday. Have a great (and safe) New Years.

AzĂșcar said...

I still have a bucket of sauce in the fridge, let me know if you need a refill.

Thanks Bek, as usual, two out of three people looking at the camera, ain't bad. We took the picture at my mom's, lest you think that we had forsaken the disco balls.

tiff-fay-fay said...

oh my ... i bought ava and liney the strawberry shortcake bubble bath for their stockings :) i love 97 cents that makes them happier than $40 something.