Sunday, December 18, 2005


Don't you find that spoons just get in the way of the total ice cream experience?
In fact, hands are even superfluous. Just cut out the middle man, that's my motto.

Why, it appears that I'm fresh out.

This must be rectified immediately!


Bek said...

Carina--you need to frame these in frame that has space for four pictures with these captions. That is hilarious!!

Rachel said...

too cute. too cute. too cute.

~j. said...

You have completely accurately translated what that boy is thinking.

La Yen said...

Does he yell in spanish or english?

AzĂșcar said...

Both! Tonight he said, "Mas pan. MAS PAN." When I didn't respond quickly enough with another slice of bread he got right up in ma grill and said, "More BED, MORE BED." Like, seriously lady, which language do you want me to use? Cause I'll use them all until I get what I want!