Friday, December 09, 2005

A Tasty Conundrum

When I make something for a party, it looks like this Charlotte:

I love making fabulous recipes for splendid sparkling parties. I’ve invented a few cakes that are now legendary. My Deep Chocolate Raspberry with the perfect chocolate buttercream. The Dulce De Leche filled fudge cake. The lemonade cake with fresh strawberries and cream. The William and Mary Cake (Chocolate Orange,) that was requested for Emily Shakespeare’s wedding. I’m not saying I’m the perfect cook (that will be detailed in a future entry) but I love the discovery process and the sharable results.

Today, I am a bit of a loss. Instead of having a witty and urbane set of people to my home for tête-à-têtes over camembert with caramelized pears, there are half a dozen two-year-olds headed to El Guille’s birthday party on Tuesday.

I am reminded of an episode of Gilmore Girls when Sookie caters a child’s party and shows up with far too sophisticated fare creating an angry riot of humans under four feet. That’s me. I’m the one bringing the spanikopita triangles to the Primary fundraiser. I show up with the wild mushroom confit over toast points. Huge--HUGE with the young set.

El Guille is getting a pineapple-upside-down cake, because he loves la piña. I know better than to plan activities for people who won’t appreciate it. I’ll be blowing up a few dozen balloons and letting them roam free (the kids, not the balloons; they are inert objects, the ballons not the kids.)

But what exactly am I supposed to do for food at El Guille’s party? I know that the pâté won’t go over well, but are there other options? And no, Tiffany, I am not going to go to Costco for the potato strips and the chicken nuggets. I still have some standards. Or are those hopelessly silly as well? What are pigs-n-blankets and how do you make them? Can I serve them with fresh mango chutney or spicy whole grain mustard? Will the mini-people eat crudités if they are cut into fancy shapes? I think I am in trouble.


Carae said...

Your cakes are GORGEOUS... I wish someone would make me a chocolate orange cake. Just for fun.

~j. said...

I'd like to try the deep chocolate raspberry.

Is the food you're stressing over going to be dinner? Or just, as we like to say, bites?

Azúcar said...

Bites. However, I like to serve enough bites to make it a dinner if people eat enough.

La Yen said...

get some mini cutters and cut up ham and cheese into shapes, some nice crustless bread into shapes, some pb& j into shapes, you are good. Pigs in a blanket are mini sausages or cocktail weenies rolled up into croissants. What about some smoothies with vanilla yogurt and fruit and rice milk? Put a fancy umbrella onto a sippy cup?
I love you, Sookie.

Bek said...

I like the idea of shapes, but if you are stressing--even that will be lost on the little people. BUT, it is less messy.

I did the whole "fancy" birthday thing for the first two, then I wised up and just bought Costco Pizza and juice boxes. The kids were MUCH happier.

BTW, I want to try ALL of your cakes. Is that a picture of the Chocolate Orange cake? Yum!! Do you share recipies? I have to cater a huge dinner and am trying to make 150 moloton chocolate cakes. Until I read this entry, I never wanted to hear about another cake again, but I could go for some Lemonade....


Emmie said...

Wow. Those desserts look like they'd be worth my falling off the wheat-free wagon.

Shapes are the only way my sister can get her finicky toddler (the one from my blog pic) to eat his sandwiches. She has to come up with new shapes weekly. Always the same sandwich, but the shapes make it a whole new experience!

c jane said...

I love this post, I loved reading it, looking at the pictures, and now that I have met you, My Dear Carina, I can say that I love you as well.

lisa v. clark said...

As usual, I'm with Bek. I need to sample your desserts. Why don't you forget hosting little ones and host some women who will really appreciate your talent?! I'm free in January. I can bring my own fork. . .

Azúcar said...

I would love to have a dessert party. If Lisa's the only one with a fork, I can totally bring some plastic ones.

A report:

I served pizza, veggies and dip, chips and Helluva Good Dip (thanks Jenny!,) pineapple-upside-down cake, apple juice in sippy cups, and PB&Js cut in the shapes of little people and stars. I think it went well.

I was going to do pigs-n-blankets, but I had 1.5 hours to make the food, including the cake(s), and set up for the party. El Guille heard someone mention "Pizza Hut" in conversation at lunchtime and asked for it constantly for the rest of the day. So, I made a last minute substitution and went with pizza. He was thrilled.

El Guille was so excited about all the kids he didn't even touch his cake.

Rachel said...

the cakes look absolutely DIVINE!! i was going to make a few meager suggestions, but then read your report and realized "i haven't been blogging and i missed it already!" oh well. my ideas weren't that hot anyway. i'm coming up to utah and i thought it might be fun to have a blog lunch (meet at a restaurant). or is that just the weirdest and cheeziest idea ever? and i know that the holidays are like the worst time in the world to get together with people who aren't family--let alone people who aren't even in the closest inner circles--but we aren't strangers! maybe it's too busy and too presumptuous, but then again, it sounds like we're all party-loving ladies!

Azúcar said...

I love you! It wouldn't be wierd because we all know each other, even if it's been a few years since seeing each other in person. Plus, it would be easier to talk about your business thing in person than to explain it over email, which would be complicated. After this week I'm pretty clear. Drop us a line.