Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bleak House

Dear Bleak House,

You are so awesome. Do you like me back?

Circle one:

Can’t wait for next week!




cabesh said...

Was it completely wonderful? We missed it, and no longer have a DVR (silly NH...).

Rachel said...

carina--i missed it; would it be too late to try and catch up next sunday? will i be too confused?

Azúcar said...

No! I think you can all catch up. Read the summary on the Masterpiece Theater website (linked in the blog) and you should be all set.

There are six episodes airing, last night was only the first. Also, KUED re-runs the Sunday episode a couple times during the week. Check your local PBS affiliate and set your VCRs (or DVR if you have one, you lucky thing.)

KBYU will also run Masterpiece Theater a couple months later, so you might be able to catch it on a second run on a different affiliate.

In the meantime, check out your affiliate's website for a re-run. Sometimes, like KUED does, they even have a "Viewer's Choice" night, where the most requested program of the week will be re-aired (for instance, on Friday night.) The more times you request it, through voicemail or email, the more likely it is that your program will be aired. Again, check your PBS website.

Your friend and PBS consultant,

christopher clark said...

Dear Bleak House, why did I love you after only one episode?



PS. Why was I confused by some of the characters, so I looked the plot up in my reader's encyclopedia only to learn vital secrets that spoiled upcoming episodes? Why did I do that?

Azúcar said...


Although, to be fair, I'd kind of guessed a great deal of the spoilers (you know, because I'm so smart.)

cabesh said...

Kind Carina,

Thank you for representing PBS in such a fine fashion. We were able to catch up with first episode Friday night, then continued on last night. Your information was invaluable.

A faithful viewer,