Friday, January 20, 2006

Fancy Pants

Courtney invited me over to the house where she’s been practice-mom. When telling me which house she said “It’s Stephen Covey’s old house, do you know the one?” “Yes! I said, “The white one.” Courtney nodded in the affirmative. Then I thought, “Wow! I wonder what Page’s husband does to have such a gargantuan house with that many children in it!” (I’m only jealous about the many children part.)

El Guille and I bundled up and hit the road Wednesday evening. We dutifully drove up 2230 North and turned left. At the sign we turned left again and wound around the park. The corolla drove through the open gates (we were expected) and we parked on one of the concrete parking pads. We hopped out of the car and walked, hand in hand, towards the entry way. I noticed the sign that asked visitors to please not park on the inlaid star in the circular drive. Score one for us; we used a designated parking place.

As we traipsed across the star, I could see a huge room on my left that had tables set up, as if waiting for a function to arrive. Well, naturally, because there are many children, so, they need the room. Probably a good room for indoor soccer or Frisbee. I didn’t see a doorbell at the massive entry way, but one of those intercom things that were so popular twenty years ago. I pressed the button and someone who was not Courtney answered. “I’m here to see Courtney,” I announced. Meanwhile, El Guille was voicing his displeasure at the door not opening immediately. A nice lady swung the door open and said “Jess? How mayee I hep jeeww?”
I said “Oh, uhm (sensors going off) we’re here to see Courtney?” (Nice of Page to leave a housekeeper with Courtney…somewhat understandable in a house that large, I suppose.)

Another lady, with dark brown hair, matching brown shirt, and brown velour pants came to the door from another wing of the house. Is this another person who Page left to help Courtney? She said “Can I help you?”

I say, “I was looking for Courtney. Is this Page’s house?”
Blank stares.

I follow up with, “Page, she’s, uh, pregnant out to here. They have seven kids? I, I think I might have the wrong place.”

Brown column lady smiled, “Oh let’s see. My kids are always having parties here, so I wondered if they were having something and forgot to tell me again.”

“Oh, no, I don’t think so. I’m looking for Page’s house.”

“Let’s see, Page…Page…I don’t know! There are so many people moving in and out of the ward these days I can’t hardly keep track!”

“You’re so kind, but I’m sure I have the wrong house. I’m sure I got my directions mixed up. I can just make a call,” as I gesture to my forlorn fifteen year old corolla.

“Oh! Do you have a phone in your car?”
Blank stare (from me.)

“No, no, I have a cell phone. Also, I have your pants!” I gesture to her dark brown velour wide leg lounge pants.

“These pants?”

“Oh yes, aren’t they so comfortable?”

“Yes! I wear them all the time, they came with—"

“A little matching hoodie! Yes, I wear them all the time as well,” I complete her sentence (but do not mention that I wear them most often during pregnancy.)

We both smile. I made more apologies. She said kindly, “No problem, no problem!” as her dark brown column'd self waved us off.

I exited the gates, called Courtney (who answered!) and we both laughed and laughed.
We laughed about the time I went to Stephen Covey’s actual house, not his old house, and found that Sandra Covey and I share the same taste in velour pants.


Emmie said...

Obviously, wearing velour pants is the 8th habit of a highly effective person.

Kiki said...

At least I follow one habit of highly effective people! I have several velour suits that I wear around the house. I'm wearing one right now, in fact!

c jane said...

I'm sure the REAL house a was a BIG disappointment after that -I mean inlaid stars???
But thanks for coming over anyway, at least we had chips.
We always say "Page lives by the temple -no, not the Coveys, the OTHER temple."

Rachel said...

that is totally hilarious, carina. too bad oprah wasn't there this time!

lisa v. clark said...

I really hope she wasn't wearing BLACK with those special brown pants. . . cause then I'd have to throw up!

Geo said...

I'd like to read what Sandra wrote in her blog about this warm fuzzy brown meeting.