Wednesday, January 18, 2006

October Nostalgia

I bet your kid hasn't been Calvin & Hobbes for Halloween. I also bet that your kid got to eat more than one caramel apple sucker for Halloween, too. Yeah, he's gonna hate me.
When I was growing up, Halloween usually meant you wore your parka over your costume. Sometimes you got lucky and it didn't snow, it was just butt-cold. One thing was for sure: no fancy candy holders for us. We used pillowcases, and we were lucky we got that, by jove!

When we got home, my dad would make us dump out all the candy onto the walnut stained dinner table. I'm not sure if it was dad's time at the Kibbutz, or his BA in Russian/Linguistics that inspired the feel of a collective, but Halloween was about equality for the workers. One by one, we'd go around the table and we'd get to choose one piece of candy to place in our pile. Things to go first: Snack-size name brand candy bars, Milk Dud and Junior Mint boxes, Sugar Daddy's. Second round: Charleston Chews, bigger tootsie rolls, lemonhead boxes, Boston Baked Beans boxes, Sugar Babies. In the middle: Now & Laters, licorice, Sixlets, homemades, Smarties. Always last: Bit-O-Honeys, tootsie rolls midgets and flavored tootsie rolls, assorted no name hard candies.

Post inspired because I got my pictures back from the film place today, yes, pre-digital days.


Rachel said...

this is hilarious! what a darling costume. i love the candy hierarchy. so true....although i would take a bit o' honey over boston baked beans ANY DAY!

c jane said...

El Guille is perfect as Calvin! He is perfect.
Always Last In My Halloween Bag: Almond Joys.
Why do old people have to hand those out?

P.S. A certain niece recovered a certain earing tonight. I am certain that not even Sandra's maid would have found it that fast!

AzĂșcar said...

They hand them out for people like me!!! I will take all your Almond Joys CJane, and I will love them like you never could (by consuming them.)

Thank the niece, L or E (I assume it wasn't M.) It's true, Sandra's maid couldn't have found it; she's to busy letting in any Tom, Dick, or Harry.

cabesh said...

Cute boy!

Halloween is my sister's b-day, so she always got more candy than the rest of us because the neighbors knew. I vote for your dad's method!

c jane said...

Back to Almond Joys--
Can somebody tell me that other candy bar that was akin to Almond Joys? Something about coconut and chocolate.
I disliked them equally and now that I can't think of the name of the other candy bar I really HATE them.

AzĂșcar said...

Mounds :)

Equally delicious, especially when you don't feel like a nut (or inadequate milk chocolate.)

Here's what you do: bite off the chocolate, discard, enjoy delicious coconutty center.

c jane said...

I feel SO much betta!

Rachel said...

all i can say is yum. to all of the above.