Sunday, February 05, 2006

Decamp From The Domecile

Rachel’s escape inspired me to record my destinations of choice when I hightail it from the ball and chain.

Sneak out at 8:30pm. Drive to stores that close at 9 to take care of business (T.P. monitoring, anyone?) Then there are a few options:

  1. Serendipity: Go to the bookstore and gather a pile of magazines and books. Enjoy blessed alone and anonymous time. Pretend I have no cares and I live by myself. Sometimes, just sometimes, I’ll leave that pile of magazines (you former booksellers understand what that means.)
  2. Behind The Wheel: drive, just drive. Take a self guided tour of a new neighborhood. Check out the house that you saw online the other day. Make neighborhood assessments. Work on foreign accents. Karaoke. Determine it’s too late/strange/stalker-ish to call friends and say I’m nearby. Call out of state friend for on the road conversation. Try for moonlight vista on road up the canyon. Resist urge to keep driving: Reno-SF, Las Vegas, oh yes the ocean is calling but I will not yield.
  3. Prison Break: Drop a line to a fellow escapee, late movie? Apple tarts at your place? Cocoa or desserts at a restaurant? Up to Park City for raclette at Adolfo’s?

What do you do when you escape?


Bek said... time you keep driving just stop by and say hi (I am just a few minutes from the ocean!!). I often do the same thing. We have a standing Wednesday night girls date. The numbers and attendee's change, but it usually involves finding a resuraunt somewhere and food/chat. We don't usually stay at anyones house b/c we all live in apartments-too loud! I don't know what I would do w/ out that.

I wish we had a bookstore close by. That is what I did in NJ. I ran to the closest Barnes and Noble and read all the magazines I could't afford to buy! We only have a Tower close by...not the same.

Have a good week!

~j. said...

When I escape...I escape. I just go do whatever I feel like I wanna do gosh. D is very good about this. He knows it will make me able to handle things. I...

~get a drink with friends, usually K.

~run errands (hey, without little bodies to lug around, this is enough of a vacation for me)

~bother cjane & ck in the middle of whatever they were doing

~math's hard, so I go to the mall

~"learn" to "make" apple tartlets or somesuch

~go to park city with my fly friend

lisa v. clark said...

Your husbands come HOME at. . . night. . . wait a. . . min. . ute. . .

If I had special escape time, I would:

this is too depressing.

Azúcar said...

I figure that after the 25th of this month he OWES YOU. You pick the night, I'll pick you up (slowing down just a bit) and we'll be off.

Kids? What? Surely you don't mean us, because we are carefree and unfettered. No oligations, no laundry, nothing.

p.s. my verification is jfebremy, sounds like a good boys name if ever I heard one. Make a note.

c jane said...

You mean where do we escape when we aren't getting bugged by Jen?
I retreat to my bedroom. And that is all I am going to say about that...

Geo said...

Last time I escaped, I drove up the Alpine Loop till my car couldn't said it's had enough of icy and steep (wimp!), then I took a long, rambling drive up South Fork all the way back to the scout ranch. Saw lots of critters. Got stopped behind two sets of elderly sight-seers who were driving slower than I normallly walk. I rolled down the window and blasted the heater, shaking all the way back down but loving the clean sharp air. After that I stopped at Borders and read knitting magazines and ogled books. I try let the spirit move me when I get my infrequent chance to escape for a while from my houseful of aging grandmother.

Kiki said...

I go to the movies by myself.

Drive, of course!

If I have superfluous dollars lying around, I check in to a hotel to be alone.

I spend hours at some store that sells music.

I drown myself in a big glass of whatever's stored up on my TiVo.

Rachel said...

my escape for today (with bawling children screaming after me as i gleefully shut the door and RAN to the car) was washington mutual bank to set up a biz acct, and then to trader joe's where i purchased all yummy and uneccessary new finds:
*milk and dark choc covered blueberries
*white stilton with apricots (god's cheese. so divine.)
*choc covered pretzels

please think of me while i'm hiding under my comforter tomorrow shoving macaroons and blueberries in my mouth with screaming children trying to find me. and then come bust me out.

Azúcar said...

Stilton with apricot? That sounds downright delicious. I might have to promise reimbursement should you happen to arrive here with a package of it.

Queen Scarlett said...

I go to my knit and bitch group once a month... book group...late night movies...

And... whatever else is on the menu - my hubby has no problem with me going out with my girlfriends... so, I am pretty lucky.

Plus, I only have one baby... and she's pretty dang sweet natured anyway. So I look at it as not an escape... but enrichment... filling my creative, individualistic cup.

Rachel said...

i actually brought a hunk of stilton with apricots with me last time...i'll put it on my "to pack" list and bring it on over.