Saturday, February 04, 2006


The Battle of Two Commercials:

One I Hate:
Bud Light Venus de Milo commercials with togas. As amusing as revisionist histories truly are, I must object vehemently to this piece of nonsense. It pretty much makes me angry every time I happen to see it.

One I Love:
Sprint "Push It"

I probably haven’t eaten at The Training Table in a decade and a half. Tonight I thought, “Do you know what would be really good? Cheese fries.”
And an order of Cheese Fries! [cue giggle]

I'm watching Grizzly Man right now. The best part of this documentary (yes, even better than the hippy-dippy Grizzly Man who, frankly, may have deserved his fate) is Werner Herzog's narration. He's just so German.

Go Steelers


Emmie said...

Mmmmmmm . . . cheese fries . . .

Emmie said...

With the special dipping sauce . . .

righteous mama said...

I am so happy that Herzog is getting the attention he deserves with Grizzly Man. I have long been a fan of Werner: he is one of the few directors who stands for something and refuses to sell out. Have you seen his documentary, Lessons of Darkness? BRILLIANT!

Azúcar said...

First, I am rescinding the cheese fries comment. I no longer pine for cheese fries. In fact, they sound kind of disgusting.

Second, I have not seen Lessons of Darkness, I'll put it on my list. One thing did strike me as I watched Grizzly Man (which is quite the engrossing movie) is that while Tim Treadwell (Grizzly Man) was overly optimistic about nature, Werner was overly pessimistic. While Treadwell talks about how nature is all good and how human civilization is all bad, Herzog argues that nature is fundamentally chaotic. It was a contrast that left me in the middle, argeeing with neither depiction. However, on the film making merits, it's a very good documentary that I think most people would enjoy.
I actually saw it on The Discovery Channel this weekend. They will probably re-run it. Discovery paired it with a post-film mini-doc explaining the reaction the movie had on Treadwell's friends and family. Very interesting.

Azúcar said...


Werner Herzog shot.

wendysue said...

I saw Grizzly Man too! What a wackjob!!! I caught it in the middle and was like "is this guy kidding or is he really serious??" He totally deserved it.

LOVE the sprint commercial. I crack up everytime it's on. I would've love to see the auditions for that one. (the guy in the blue shirt is my fav)

wendysue said...

I think my last comment came off a little rough. I'm open to letting people have their opinions on life, environment, whatever. He definitely had passion and lived in the extreme. It was a fantastic (yes, Carina, definitely engrossing) documentary.

Azúcar said...

That's the thing about the movie, since you know, within 5 minutes of the doc starting, that this guy is going to die, you have very little sympathy for him. Herzog takes a huge chance in the audience developing a relationship with Treadwell. Turns out, it was a good chance, because by the end of the film you're kind of sad that he perishes in such an awful way.

And, Wendysue, let's be honest, while people can choose their kind of life, they must also accept the consequences of that life. I think that's part of what makes Treadwell such an interesting person; you question whether he fully understood the possible consequences.
Additionally, it leaves you and me agog with the realization that there was only one possible outcome.

wendysue said...

So true, by the end you do feel sad for the guy, but they just make it worse by showing his last few video shots while having the text on the screen that says "just feet away from where he was killed". . . "just hours before his death", etc. Just pulling out all the emotion!!

~j. said...

I ti-voed Grizzly Man and JUST finished it (watching a little here, a little there...). I had read about this guy in the Reader's Digest (because I am 55 years old) and then the other night at Hollywood Video, I saw this movie on the shelf. (Rated R, which is a restriction I have placed on my account.) And a few days later...Bless You, Discovery Channel.

His friend Jewel made me want to scratch my eyes out a little.