Thursday, February 09, 2006

Steve Holt!

Friday night I will not be watching this inanity:
I will be watching:
Fox is dumping the final four episodes of Arrested Development (the funniest show on television and one of the funniest in TV history) opposite of the opening ceremonies. Just remember that while you're watching the Estonian parade, you're missing the end of an epoch. The rest of us are expected to be
thankful that Fox aired the episodes at all.
This entry is dedicated to Buster,
my favorite Milford School attendee:
"And the language--ROUGH!"
Thanks for the good times.
I'll never look at a bow-tie wearing seal in quite the same way.
To put this out into the universe: I hope ABC will pick up the show
and not Showtime because I do not want to have to subscribe.


Bek said...

Me too!!

The only good thing about them all being at the same time is that we get 2 hours of AD, and not just 30 minutes.


Don't kill me but it think that the Olmpics are SO BORING!! I didn't even watch when it was in SLC. Sue me. I just don't get into it. Thank goodness for AD this Friday.

Nice Tribute.

La Yen said...

Serio. I can't get Showtime, because of the porno. (Just too tempting.) (for me.) (not W).
If the only Tobias I can get is on the Colbert Report, I will be ever so sad.

When the Prosession of Athlete's Got Inane I Turned To FOX said...

Did I catch a clue about a moviein the works?
Check one:

AzĂșcar said...


I don't think that would even happen, but Ron Howard seemed to suggest the possibility.

more caffeine, please said...

Oh the sorrow. The sorrow. Job, you will always have a place in my magical heart.

~j. said...

"I kind of like 'Skating With Celebrities'."