Wednesday, February 08, 2006


No no no no no
I am not supposed to feel sick.

I have too many things to do today:

  1. Mutual is tonight
  2. Finish holiday Valentines
  3. Address, stamp, fill, and decorate envelopes for said Valentines
  4. Make sugar cookies (scratch, always) and homemade icing
  5. Decorate cookies in appropriate Valentine mode
  6. Start painting the giant gaping canvas
  7. Yoga
  8. Veronica Mars
  9. More work on T’s Christmas present (what)
  10. Do eight loads of laundry
  11. Read to my child
  12. Practice letters and numbers (with my child)
  13. Transcribe all the names and numbers for Tiffany and her fab new idea

If I had time leftover I could:

  1. Assess the yarn situation and figure out which acrylic Geo means
  2. Replace that one kitchen tile
  3. Bleach my kitchen sink
  4. Go to a movie
  5. Learn Mandarin

Instead I will be:

  1. Prostrate on the couch or
  2. Curled up in bed
  3. Hoping Guille’s sweet voice won't make the beating of the dull drum headache worse
  4. Thankful for a laptop and a wireless router

Is This Because:

  1. I didn’t wash my hands immediately after leaving the grocery store and upon entering my house?
  2. I accidentally put that piece of raw chicken into my mouth the other day?
  3. I ate that reasty doughnut today? (FINE two doughnuts)


La Yen said...

Did anyone get a flu shot? That is always the culprit for me...

Oh, maybe yoy got it from Wal Mart--that also makes me sick. Or, did you listen to Delilah?

AzĂșcar said...

1. I don't believe in the flu shot so I didn't get it, nor did anyone else.

2. It's not that kind of sick. This is the headache, cold sweat, maybe-that-shrimp-was-suspect kind of sick.

3. I don't ever visit Wal-Mart. Ever. It terrifies me. Maybe it was the thought of going to Wal-Mart earlier that contributed.

4. Delilah, no...but she might be able to play me a song that would explain exactly how I feel (Fix Me by Silverchair.) Thanks for the suggestion!

Geo said...

I think it was actually the suggestion of knitting with acrylic. That always does it to me too.

BowlerGirl said...

I feel the pain of your cold. I had the same miserable thing when we left Utah a few weeks ago.

And I am soooooo glad to find out about the Knitting Olympics! I'm planning a selfish project for team BowlerGirl.

Now off to the store for new needlees and yarn. Only the best equipment will do!

Your Future Wife said...

I think it was the doughnuts. It's always the doughnuts.

Kiki said...

One time when I was behind in my classes, I was sitting in the hot tub in the snow in Utah saying stuff like, "If I were to just break my arm or something, I would have longer to get everything done." Who knew that 15 minutes later I would fall out of the hot tub because I was being stupid and break my arm? I had a Spanish test for La Quina Hoskisson the next morning. She let me take it later. IT WORKED!!!

AzĂșcar said...

Next time she asks me to do something I'll say "I broke my arm." and she'll say "So" and I'll say "You let Carrie take a test later so how come I can't skip family dinner" and she'll respond "Fool me once..."

So thanks A LOT, Carrie.