Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ursula Upper vs. Debbie Downer

Dear Mr. Perfect Radio Name,

Lately I’ve been thinking about Opposition in All Things, Yin/Yang, whatnot. While we touched on this the other night, I have kept that nugget with me and have been burnishing it ever since. Maybe it’s the worst mistake/best thing ever. It’s not my place to say, you’re the only one who has the real answer.

My friend TM gave me half of her rocky road cookie from a chichi food place today. As you know, I must dissect every piece of food offered me and make judgments in several categories.

This cookie receives a grade of 5 out of 10. The cookie itself was fine, balanced with the right sweet and salty notes. It could have used more ‘true’ chocolate flavor. The marshmallow (delicious with just the right stretchiness) was hidden between the top of the cookie and the icing on top. The icing caused the precipitous drop. As usual, this icing was all sweet with no salt. It tasted, well, of processed sugar and inferior fat. If the chichi place had only added salt to the frosting it would have been a very good cookie (probably an 8.) All of this made me think of you: joy and sorrow, euphoria and pain, the salt makes you better (probably an 8.)

Did you know that when you look at a painting, your eye is drawn to the area that has the highest contrast between dark and light? It’s one of the first things they teach you in a drawing class, too. The more I think of that contrast, the more I think we are drawn to experience the depths and the heights; truly understanding the difference.

Remember that scene in Garden State when he decides that feeling the pain is preferable to feeling nothing at all? Feel the pain, relish it, cry, sob, go ahead, feel it. Don’t forget to feel the sweet parts too (even marinara is better with a pinch of sugar.)

Love you in the most appropriate way.

p.s. Carole Mikita is very nice in person.

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