Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What I've Been Watching So Far

The skating commentators have been getting on my nerves. Don’t get me wrong, I like Scott Hamilton. I think he adds an edgy sort of excitement with his my-voice-is-breaking-with-emotion-for-this-skater attitude. And Dick Button, well with a name like that, how can you not like him? It’s pretty much impossible. It may be the cutest male name ever; down right adorable. The woman annoys me. I know it must be hard sometimes to think of something to say during/after all those skaters. I bet that occasionally you want to comment on how terrible they were, how they were as graceful as a pile of wood on skates. Still, maybe you should memorize a few phrases to use in case you choke up while on air. Check out this piece of gold from the men’s competition the other night during one skater’s program:

“It’s not just about the footwork, it’s about artistry...

It’s about who he IS...

(beat, beat)

As a person…”

I’d hate to see what he had to say as a newt, or a glass pitcher of some kind. Who he is…as a ray of Mary Sunshine in the dark dank gloom…as a piece of post modern sculpture. It’s about who he is…as a retail slave for Home Depot.

Did you notice that the French Ice Dancers skated to Les Mis? What’s next, the American’s skating to Yankee Doodle Dandy? Can you hear the people sing? YES I can, because the lady dancer was singing ALONG with the song. I’m not sure if I should snicker or be impressed that she can think about the words at a time like this (not to mention adjusting her headband--that is multitasking!) We counted a Prince of Egypt, Phantom of the Opera (move version) and a really powerful rendition of Bolero (Torville & Dean: bite it.)

When that ariel skier went down someone started shrieking from the crowd. What a peculiar shriek it was: pitched, staccato, repetitive. I thought, she needs to be quiet so that we can figure out what's going on with that skier. Then I realized, it was coming from the skier. Horrifying!

Pants! How…progressive!

I think Sasha is not just pocket-sized, she’s like the minature-toy-teacup-lillipution-dare-i-say-pint-sized-wee-minikin. She’s small. Only Bob Costas is smaller.

I can’t get over Shauna Rohbuck being in the Olympics. She was a legendary soccer player in high school that all the girls feared (and some of the boys.) She won silver in the bobsled, this woman cannot be stopped! Emmie, you remember Baron! Oh the stories we could tell.

Uncomfortable word: Slutskaya.


cabesh said...

I was surprised by Joannie Rochette's choice of Like A Prayer by Madonna--that is, an instrumental, elevator music version. Huh?

BowlerGirl said...

Hubby and I were skipping between channels the night of the Ice-Dancing disasters. Somehow we managed to catch ALL 4 of the falls that occurred at the Free-Style event. It gave the Kiss & Cry Area a whole new meaning. It was glorious to behold.

Kiki said...

I've fallen into the habit of shouting out "TOOL!" everytime I see Bob Costas on the screen.

I don't like the cute look of glee and satisfaction Sasha Cohen has on her face when she skates. To me, the look says, "I just ate 2 adorable, cooing babies with a side of basset hound puppies, and they were delicious!" That's not the type of cuteness we need to surround ourselves with.

I'm glad Bode Miller's been sucking it up.

Emmie said...

Shauna is in the Olympics?! Holy cow, I had no idea! I gotta email my bro!

Kiki said...

I wanna hear Shauna stories! Because it sounds like there are some.

fijiangirl said...

The best Olympic television by far has to be the Italian Ice Dancers. He dropped her in the original dance, and she was so pissed at him they didn't speak to each other until just before their free dance. The didn't practice together, or even arrive together to the arena. I could smell her stink eye towards him all the way over here in cali. Everytime he passed by her in the waiting area she would turn the other way and he acted like she had a disease. Then she claims (after they skated a pretty clean free program) that she wasn't mad at him. Yeah Right! Best drama, better than the Shani Davis-Chad Hedrick saga.

Rachel said...

i saw the drop thing too. it was so painful, and then repeated in slo-mo like 2000 times. didn't she let go of him? can't wait to watch figure skating tonite. i missed the short program cuz i was on a plane coming home from the UT.