Sunday, February 12, 2006

What I've Learned So Far

Nobody, like nobody, can do a decent sit spin these days. It’s just deplorable. These kids need to get back to the fundamentals and that includes an adequate sit spin. Not low enough—Not Low Enough!

To be a good ski jumper you need a huge schnozz to cut the air to make you go further. Also, you must weight 85 pounds.

If this is the third Olympics in a row that a Frenchman has surprised us all with a Men’s Downhill gold, should it really be all that surprising anymore? I would think it would be more surprising if, say, a Frenchman were to come away with a Women’s Downhill gold. In fact, that would be all kinds of Kaufman like cool to see some Louis-Michel Dion tell that Picabo Street to suck it.

I’ve never warmed to Michelle Kwan. Let's talk about what you've really been wondering: have you seen Tonya Harding lately? Terrifying! I mean, she’s very nice and I hope she does very well in all her endeavors.

Are we seriously trying to copy the Roots beret phenomenon of 2002? I'm a little embarassed that we're four years behind the Canadians. What's next? Degrassi re-runs?

The Flying Tomato has a thing for Sasha Cohen!

Short track speed skating is my FAVORITE. Disqualifications galore, crazy intense, you never know what’s going to happen.


Emmie said...


First of all: I loved this post.

Secondly: Tonya. Yikes.

Thirdly: You know Degrassi reruns can be found on cable television, like, every night, right? Along with Degrassi: The Next Generation, in which some of the original cast members play the parents. I introduced both shows to Steve, and, though he wants to, he can't look away. I'll tape it for you if you want.

~j. said...

Piper Perabo?

~j. said...

Picabo Street?

Kiki said...

Re: sit spins. I KNOW! The other night, while watching figure skating, I think we ALL became experts in sit spins. I took great pride in telling homeboy to suck it when he said that the Chinese people sucked and then they took over first place (before the stupid perfect Russians, of course. Oh wait...there is no perfect anymore.)

I love me some Apolo Anton Ono. I was saddened last night when he slipped. Sad, sad, sad.... Need more soul patch.

Bek said...

He slipped again? Poor Apolo. That is two falls in two olympics.

Good post Carina. I never understood the reason why Roots is the team uniform supplier. Not that there is anything wrong with the company,but it IS a Canadian company, isn't it? Aren't there any US Companies that could dress them. Nike, for example? There are also many small labels that make clothes here in the US and don't use sweat shop workers, give one of THEM some publicity.........that one gets me a little.

The Flying Tomato like Sasha Cohen? Who wouldn't, right? Maybe they can both guest judge on Project Runway next season....

Azúcar said...

Yes, yes, J, I realized on my drive to work this morning. Warning, no posting at late hours when sleep deprived. Changing.

Yes, Em, hence the sarcasm :) Oh Degrassi! The show that made me terrified of FARRER Junior High. FARRER. Please.

Roots because everyone made such a fuss last Olympics because the Canadians looked so snazzy. Were you here for the games? Everyone, including the athletes went nuts over the berets. The US athletes were jealous of the Canadian team. Let's show them! Let's get berets in FOUR YEARS at the next games! Way to be on top of things.

wendysue said...

Dick Button (nice name) was cracking me up! He was just appalled with those sit spins. My favorite was his commenting about how those ladies were sticking their behinds out too far when the go into that death spiral thingy. (yes, I know the offical lingo, Matt's little sister is an ice skater!)

And yes, poor Apollo. .. even Madison was saying, "he should've just stayed there!"

Tonya. . .my oh my. ..that picture made me jump a little.

Christy said...

I said the exact same thing about them being "surprised" by a Frenchman winning the downhill for a 3rd time. I was secretly (well, not so secretly now) pleased when Bode didn't crack the top 3.

Fijiangirl said...

Can't believe you never warmed to Michelle Kwan, a legend in figure skating. She had 45 champion trophies, can any one even come close to that... too bad she was robbed of the gold in Nagano by that 14 year old who hasn't skated successfully since. It was a sad day for America when Kwan dropped out but it really shows what a true sportsman is.

rp said...

Hey, watch those italics in 'The Canadians!' I was just in Kansas City; I see that ponchos and overalls are making their way through the mid-west.. :)

Rachel said...

can i just say that tonya harding is so amazingly frightening? i know i'm not the first to make this comment, but it is so startling that i had to do it. michelle kwan dropped out? am i totally behind or what. i guess i didn't watch any coverage last night--and maybe the night before? does that mean i haven't watched any? almost. i got to go turn on the telly.

Azúcar said...

Lots of new people! welcome all!

RP- welcome fellow Mid-century Modern geek. You should know that my love for Canada is true. I love your health care, music, and dill chips. Please send more.

I don't know why Kwan has never resonated with me. I understand the accolades, but she's just not my girl.

Oh those Chinese skaters last night! Didn't you feel for them? Did any of you see the replay of the Russian disaster of 04? That was heart-stopping!

Kiki said...

My head and knees still hurt today!

Kiki said...

Would watching the Russian skater's face plant have hurt me as much had she bounced? Discuss.

Azúcar said...

Fijiangirl--I KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Sorry, Michelle and I aren't tight. She's truly too much of an ice princess for me. That's ok, you can be her fan.

Carrie, it wouldn't have hurt if she'd bounced. It was that permanent thud! PAIN.