Wednesday, March 22, 2006

City By The Sound

A week ago I returned from my first trip to Seattle. I’ve never been to that fair city. It looks a lot like Pittsburgh. No, I didn’t get a picture of the Space Needle (although it is a fine example of Googie Architecture…I digress.) It was a very fast trip. Tiffany and I flew in at about 1pm and left the next day at 11:15am. I had a few meetings, T had even more. The best part of the trip was a launch party I attended to celebrate the release of a product that we’ve been working on for three years. Three years on the same product—worth a celebration indeed.

Some really great friends from my work family have moved up to Seattle in the past couple years. The thing about my job is that the people are incredible; they have made this job into very rare experience. It was hard when people started leaving the company or moving to Seattle, harder than it normally is at a job like this. My favorite part of the trip was seeing all my friends who I haven’t seen (in some cases) in years. I love being called Evil #2.

The best part about the party in Seattle, contrasted with the parties we have here in The U.C., is that people were drinking. Normally, I am not a proponent of drinking. However, at a work place function where everyone else is getting tipsy and you and your best friend are not, it’s great.

We have a lot of dirt on a lot of people.

T and I surrendered our drink tickets (3 per person) immediately. I gave mine to The Chief (you know who you are.) He was kind enough to explain why his beer had a lemon (it was hefflefeffleffleweisenener something.) Drinking is a great way to get a bunch of engineers (ok, not all of you are special, but a few are) to open up and relax, you know, let the binary jokes fly. Bowling, food, awards, pool, the evening was moving along swimmingly. By the time we adjoined to the billiards room, quite a few folks were smashed. I passed on the shots round, and the next, and the next (nursing my cranberry and OJ don’t you know.) I’d had a few Diet Cokes so I was feeling pretty drunk myself.
T and I were talking about the Old Days: dancing, clubs, cussing at men (me,) hanging with the DJ (T,) the time T spent in Vegas (her story, not mine,) one of the nights at Harry O’s, you get the idea. The Chief volunteered to take us dancing, and we agreed. T drove The Chief’s transport because, let’s face it, Chief was wasted. We got lost (Chief, while pleasant when drunk, isn’t good with directions) even though it was literally 2 blocks away.

T and I like that even on a Monday, in a big city, there is someplace to go dancing. The club had a fierce DJ spinning hip-hop and a big circle with breakdancing. This made Chief unhappy. You see, Chief doesn’t dance. Ever. However, Chief was desperate to dance. Shake his groove thing. He had to move. Chief is a good dancer and should dance anytime and not just when he’s tucked a few away.

Afterwards T, Chief and I found a late night restaurant for some Chinese food (sorry, T!) and some great sobering-up conversation. It is firmly established that we all miss working together in person.

I spent a lovely night asleep in my suite bed—no sharing, no crying in the night, no little person to wake you up at the crack of dawn. I took one picture outside a clothing store to prove to you that I was in Seattle.

Here are some things I learned:

1. You should take lemon with your Hefflefffelerweisenerwer.

2. Should you leave your sweater for the next day in Chief’s transport because you repacked your bag in said transport, The Gap is the only clothing store open by 9:30am downtown.

3. If you snicker about going to The Gap when you’re in Seattle because there are so many other cool stores around, there’s a big likelihood that on the following day you will, indeed, have to spend money in The Gap to avoid going into work with the same clothing you had on the night before.

4. Sometimes a guy likes a girl with a little meat on her, “you know, something that moves a little.”

5. If you don't have any change for the homeless man on the stoop next to Chief's transport and apologize for your lack of liquidity (because you would have given if you had any) it's perfectly OK to love the compliment you get in return: "Well you look like a million bucks, baby."

6. I missed the little person. This was my first time away from him for overnight. He did great, and magically woke up from his nap asking for me when I was 10 minutes away from returning.

7. Friends are still friends even when they move so far away.

Love you, all my faraway friends.


c jane said...

"you know, something that moves a little.”

Good to know.

BowlerGirl said...

I will definately be reminding myself of that the next time I'm bouncing along on the treadmill. Hmmmmmm.....somthing that moves a little.

cabesh said...

Yeah for the PNW (that's Pacific Northwest for non-natives). Seattle is my favorite city...sounds like you had a great time.
AND, there's nothing like spending a some time away from the little people to make you a better mommie (my theory anyway.:)).

Kiki said...

Anybody coulda taken that picture! Where are you?! I'm still depressed that you didn't take my advice about the spaceneedle picture. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo

Azúcar said...

Dear Playa Hata,

NEXT time, next time. If you think we're not going to take Chief and assorted compatriots dancing again, you are sorely mistaken.

Like I'm going to hand my camera to the homeless guy so I can be in the picture. I was waiting outside the store and had 4 minute before the it opened and it occured to me to take a picture that didn't involve my sloshed co-workers.

That reminds updated.

Bek said...


I am impressed that you went dancing. That is a big bold move for me.....but it is good to know that they like something that "moves a little". Ha.

What a great story. Also, there is nothing like a hotel bed...the sheets, the pillows......reason enough to go on a trip.

Azúcar said...

Bek, I love to go dancing. I used to go all the time (not as much as T, but still a lot.) Of course I didn't love it so much that I married a DJ.... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY "I'm With The DJ."

Since El Guille it's been harder to find the time. But, oh, yes, I can drop it like it's hot.

Rachel said...

hilarious. i'm such a non-dancer. i feel WAY too inhibited and absolutely retarded. never went to a stake dance, only went to a few h.s. dances. (no "stomps".) can't do the dance thing, unless it involves me, my jonnie, my gills in our "peace room." then i let loose!

~j. said...

I'm so glad you had a good time.

(i love to dance, too...)

tiff-fay-fay said...

yeah she's actually omitting all the "threesome" proposals and most of the riske business associates that we watched throughout the night. and you know that the big C was wearing spiked heels and still getting freaky on the dance floor. I've never been THAT daring.

that may have just been my most insane night since i was married ... and YES my husband knows about most of it (i didn't tell him the threesome proposal either).

should we go to seattle and do it again? hell, why not. bring on some more cherry cokes!

Azúcar said...

It's true, we were invited, we did decline (graciously, of course, but decline nonetheless.)

I told my husband, he laughed and proffered it as proof of my appeal. Shaka-boom-boom. Here's to a guy who doesn't get jealous--he just gets the girl.

La Yen said...

Man, I wish I had been offered a threesome this weekend. I did get offered a free sample at Costco. Man. I need to break loose of the ball and chains. Carina--you and Nayvor are coming with me to Mexico, and we will have a threesome. (But not the icky naked kind.)

carebear said...

carina- I think I might have it- girls state in southern utah our junior year? then I used to see you at byu I think and I remember having actual conversations with you. So is that it? Carrie

Azúcar said...

Yes, yes it is. Girls State, Wendy Chao, Maddy, What's her name Nichols from SLC. That was a blast. You were a blast. Remember getting on the bus that first day down to SUU? Singing "Roxanne" at the President? Those MEETINGS that went on FOREVER (I never complained about church again.) Enid Greene (Waldholtz) addressing us?

Geo said...

Love #5!