Thursday, March 16, 2006

Pantry Review

MEMO:: To All Staff


Tonight, for the second night in a row, El Guille let me know that there had been a catastrophic management failure culminating in a zero cookie stock on the premesis; he was most displeased with my lack of energy directed at the rectification. I received a verbal warning and have been directed to take significant steps, either contacting an external vendor or employing all in-house resources to present a comprehensive solution to the board. I'm under deadline and should not expect a reprieve until he is presented with adequate quantities.


c jane said...

Would El Guille like:
Hearty Hobnobs
Girl Scout cookies?

This child was raised to be in the "Culinary Know."

Then again,I have seen the way he affectionately loved my choco-oat-cookies...

~j. said...

Yesterday Em went to a birthday party, and when I asked her if she ate any treats, she said, "No, I told her that I don't want a cookie because I only like a cookie if my mom makes it."

I should make her some girl scout cookies.

Kiki said...

Who didn't know that kids get an endless supply of cookies? Snap to it mamĂ­!

more caffeine, please said...

I'll see if I can scrape some out from underneath CJ.

BTW, do you cater weddings?

Asking for a friend...

AzĂșcar said...

I do not, just cakes. Although there might be something coming down the pike, when is this event supposed to happen?

more caffeine, please said...

September. Do you have pics of said cakes? She's very interested!