Wednesday, March 01, 2006


My friend FromTheHip went to New Orleans this week for Mardi Gras. It's not that far, she already resides in the marshes of Louisiana (I think I can only say 'Lu-EEEE-Ziana' now the way that Randy Newman sings it.) While there she snapped some excellent photographs of the affair. By far my favorite was this example of tolerance and piety:

Obviously, I expected Mormons to be on this sign--kind of goes hand-in-hand with street preachers, doesn't it? I guess it's an honor to be included with foresight on the same list as "Moms who murder their kids for God." Even better than the thoughtful inclusion of the Promise Keepers and Hitler (now that you think about it, they do go together.)

I love so many things about this sign:

One: This grammar nut decided they had to return to their sign and add in a "the" above the KKK. "The Crusades KKK" runs together to create a rather insightful commentary on medieval mores, don’t you think? Instead, they revised and added a “the” changing the meaning and making the sign far more pedestrian.

Two: Witch Burning--only slightly more topical than the Crusades.

Three: “Mel Gibson” penciled in on the bottom right. As if they covered all the bases and then, THEN Mel Gibson made that movie and well, darn it all, he had to go up on that sign.

Mel Gibson: You’re on notice.


Jon said...

So if I'm a Democrat (not on the list) and a mormon, do those two cancel each other out? I'm good right? Phew.

AzĂșcar said...

I'm pretty sure that it's a (If="Mormon" then="Repent") situation. So if you equal even one, it's over.

Of course, that's just my intepretation. Maybe I should just subscribe to yours as I'd be a double-cancel-outer too.

~j. said...

that's a great photo. and a great banner. maybe i should make one for

I've been reading From The Hip a bit, and I like it. I really like it.

Kiki said...

Gracias, J.

The people who made these signs are the revelers who feel most abused by the "Super Christians" who protest Mardi Gras. Next year, I think I might make as sign that says something like, "I love Mardi Gras, and I'm Mormon." I'll carry it while dressed like a devil or a witch or something.

lisa v. clark said...

I love the irony of the sign:

"Don't judge, you judgers! Love, the best judger."


"Every individual in all of the groups I listed here generalize and perpetuate stereotypes! That's bad! Love, someone who can't be categorized.
P.S. Show me your boobs for a crappy strand of beads."

Kiki said...

Yesterday, I was wearing my "I *heart* irony" t-shirt. If I had been as smart as lisa v. clark is, I would have had a picture of me taken standing next to the sign.

La Yen said...

When I die, I want to come back as this banner.

AzĂșcar said...

I just noticed that the "Scientist" in "Christian Scientist" has quotations around it.


wendysue said...

I think the sign holder himself believes in the "double-cancel-out rule".

Ugly hat+
pink tie-dye shirt=

Emmie said...

Am I seeing things, or does it say Republicons? Whether the mispelling was intentional or not, it's still pretty funny.

Kiki said...

"I just noticed that the "Scientist" in "Christian Scientist" has quotations around it.

Oh SNAP! "

I just CACKLED very loudly in the library, and now my group is laughing at me and I am turning red.

Amy said...

Oh I LOVE this sign!!! I swear these signs must be mass produced somewhere. Marching out front at the open house for the Newport Beach temple they had signs that looked EXACTLY like this!! Exact wording, etc. It was pretty awesome, let me tell you. The only thing cooler was that someone had painted a "Mel Gibson" like add-on to the list, Muslims.

My only thought was this, "Out of all the people lumped together on this sign... I wonder who should be most offended?????"

Queen Scarlett said...

Did you see Mel speaking Mayan at the Oscars? Rather enjoyed Jon Stewart's opening.

Bek said...


I just was laughing so hard at your last comment on Darlybird's blog that I snoted, then I read "oh SNAP". You are one funny lady and I can always count on you for a laugh.

Promise Keepers said...

Repent! And write a new post!