Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Two Kinds of Designers

There are fashion designers who design because they consider it Art. There are fashion designers who design because they want to dress women. The first usually hates women. They construct clothing that is clothing for its own sake, not because it will compliment a woman. The way a woman looks and how the clothing flatters her is really secondary to the piece itself.

The second loves women. They love the way a woman looks and they design to heighten her features and disguise her faults. They make clothing that enhances and celebrates her. You can always tell the designers who love women by the fruits of their labors.

This is why I think the loser will be SANTINO. He hates women (in that way, too.)

This is why I think the winner will be DANIEL. He loves women (but not in that way.)

It's not that I don't think Santino has style. Some of the items he designs can be beautiful. However, I don't think he really thinks about the women who have to wear these creations.

Daniel not only has a beautiful style, he dresses a woman to make her look amazing.

Go Daniel!

Warning: Spoilers in the comments


Bek said...

I love Daniel too, but I am WORRIED about his collection. I can't tell if they are just editing it this way to make us sweat it a little (because Daniel has seemed like such an obvious winner all along) or what?

Also, Daniel is more classis, but fashion week is where that crazy Santino theme stuff is adored. Just check out the Oscar dresses (hello Charlize and Naomi).Those were total run way hute couture dresses that did NOT translate well into real life. I wonder if real life clothes will not translate to the runway.

GO DANIEL. I love his stuff.

P.S. MY son is really sick and the only thing that stops him from crying is to sit on my lap. I was holding him last night and dozed off and when I woke up at 1:00 am I was stressed b/c I thought I missed the finale of Project Runway! It took me a minute to remember that it was just Tuesday. Whew.

Me again said...

I vote for Chloe. I wouldn't be mad if Daniel won though. Just as long as it's not Santino.

Wow! I thought I was the only person who watched this show!

Hooray! The finale is finally here!

Emmie said...

I can't WAIT for the finale tonight!! I wonder what craziness Santino will unleash on the runway . . .

Bek said...

Did I say that Daniels things were classist? I meant CLASSIC. Also, wild story about Chloe's family, eh? 9 girls in 10 years? Family prison? Sheesh. Kudos to her.

I am OBSESSED with this show. Also, WHY couldn't Kara have made a dress JUST ONCE like the one she was wearing on the episode where she was cut? That was so much more her style and would have done so much better. Poor Kara.

La Yen said...

I like when Santino does his impression of Tim, and I like when he shuts up after that.

I was rooting for Daniel Franco (gotta holla for the straight man)and for the other guy--the one who did the Barbie dress and won--so if I have to choose one of the three, i guess I will go for Daniel because he is the least irritating. And whatever, Tim, I love those hot wooden purses. Go back to Red Lobster.

wendysue said...

"What happened to Andre?" Just kidding, ok, I just got done watching the finale so here comes the spoiler! I was amazed how tame Santino was and I did like some of his, I still thought Daniel had won, but maybe he needs to put some more time in, like Chloe. I thought her line was a little too matchy, matchy, like she used to much of the same fabrics (shrug matches the next dress. . .etc.) I just wanted a little more variety, like Daniels. . . .Anyway, I love that I can pretend I'm this big fashionista for a little while. . .I did buy some fab shoes today on Clearance at Dillards. That counts right?

Azúcar said...

Yes it counts! Welcome Me Again, I've been wondering who in the Ida-ho was reading this.


Holy cow! Did you see designer Chloe next to her model Grace? Grace looked like a giant next to a miniature Chloe doll.
Chloe really surprised me with that FIERCE aubergine suit, ensuing dress, and the pants. Those were the most gorgeous parts of the collection.

Daniel’s? They, although entirely wearable and fitted beautifully, kind of boring! Then again, they could be the type of pieces that are beautiful in person. Yes, there was that range and I still think he has amazing taste, but I understand why he didn't win.

As much as I was not pleased with Santino’s entries in the actual program, this runway collection had style, it had umph, it was bangin’! A couple were strange—that knight get up?—but the rest were beautiful. He admitted that he toned it down, and I think it was definitely his best work of the season.
I was a little surprised that his collection didn't win, to tell you the truth!

Emmie said...

So I just checked online, and the majority of the 45% of the viewers they polled voted for Daniel. Santino was 35%, and Chloe was last!

La Yen,
I also enjoyed Santino's impersonation of Tim. It was kind of spooky how much he sounded like him.

Emmie said...

Um, I meant "45% of the viewers they polled voted for Daniel." Must not post and talk to husband at same time.

Bek said...

The title of the next reality show on Bravo:

Rock the Kazbah with Andre

I would buy that shirt.

Azúcar said...

OH I have another t-shirt for you to buy...details later.

wendysue said...

Bek, I can't stop laughing, I can just hear Santino over and over. . .Andre, rock the Kazbah, and let's go to Red Lobster! I loved that Santino called for Andre in that last episode in his "Tim" voice.

And ladies, "make it work".

Azúcar said...


Bek said...

I found a picture of Tim and Andre at Red Lobster! I posted one of Tim and Santino...



Azúcar said...

this suit and this outfit using that aubergine satin were stunning. I see how she won the competition based on those two outfits alone!

And YES Andrae would love to meet at Red Lobster.

righteous mama said...

i shed a little tear at the end of last night's episode; i was really that into project runway. i was REALLY surprised that chloe won. i agree that the suits were amazing, but i didn't like that shiny fuschia satin she used and the shrugs were downright UGLY. but, it was banana republic who was putting the whole thing on so i think they went with who was the most marketable, rather than the most interesting/creative and that was definitely chloe.

metamorphose said...

Yay for Chloe!

Azúcar said...

Yay Rachel posted!

(I miss your blog.)