Tuesday, April 18, 2006


My fabulous fashionista friend Tessa inspired me in many ways. One was that I should never turn down a Dana Buchman Suit if it’s less than $400 (and I never have! Or I never will should I have occasion to run into a Dana Buchman Suit.)

Amidst all of the designer encouragement she offered me “Are those the new D&G sunglasses? Honey, they’re gorgeous! Delicious!” and the helpful NHL tutoring, I learned that there should be no singular ‘Birthday.’ There should be a Birthweek, even a Birthmonth!

Yes, since her birthday was at the end of October, the entire month would be spent (quite literally) in celebration: gifts, gestures, pre-birthday dinners, birthday-eve dinners, on-birthday dinners, parties and soirees, nights on the town, rabble-rousing and carousing, special designer purchases, all encouraged and definitely necessary. No retiring, demurring maid was she; birthdays are to be announced and celebrated.

In that spirit, may I make an announcement?

I turn 30 on the 30th!

This is cause for a celebration: for the purchase of designer goods, shoes, accessories, a new wardrobe, and something totally frivolous! (On a related note, have you noticed how you can be so good and not buy anything but once you start you can’t stop?)

My sister(s) is/are throwing me a party around that date. Would you like to come? In the spirit of Tessa go ahead, invite yourself. I am a fan of the amusingly gauche! Drop moi an email. Would you bring a musical number and your favorite dish? Oh, do say you’ll come.

Sadly, Fabulous Tessa will not be joining us as she is still touring the Orient.

On a related note: Happy Birthday-week, Tiffany!


BowlerGirl said...

Who is the mysterious Tessa? Do I know her perchance?

Azúcar said...

I don't think you do. She was one of my employees at Borders and then I brought her here when I changed companies.

But you would have loved her (who doesn't love Fabulous Tessa?)

More importantly, you've already purchased your airline ticket?

more caffeine, please said...

30 is the new 21 I hear. So go bananas. And please, splurge on yourself. A trip to LolaBella anyone?

c jane said...

A musical #.

~J and I are prepared.

Kiki said...

I AM SO THERE!!! in spirit. I will be canoodling with the Will to my Grace in Dallas. But I will think of you with every bite of my Godiva chocolate cheesecake that I will be eating while there.

HAPPY BIRTHMONTH! That's fun that you're turning 30. I refuse to be anything more than 29 come October.

~j. said...

Prepared INDEED.

wendysue said...

Ok, I'll be there in spirit. I will bring my "Huki-lau" music and we will all do the hula my mom taught me when I was little and I will bring home-made crab rangoon and wontons.

Hey, this needs to be an even bigger birthday party, not only a 30th, but it's your Golden birthday too!! Partay!

LuckyRedHen said...

I have a wedding shoot that Saturday but drop me an email and I'll totally come and party when I'm free. I'll even turn over the thunder to you - I won't steal it, promise. Tell Cathy too ;o)

fijiangirl said...

Sure do love that Tessa. Oh I miss her antidotes! I regret I will be unable to attend your 30th bash! Still trying to learn how to manage a new baby with my two other toddlers! I hope your cake is homemade and tastes as delicious as the ones you create!

Rachel said...

wish i could be there, carina! i love the birthmonth idea. i've claimed birthweek before, but never birthmonth. i think this june will now be christened rachel's birth month....i'll start getting jon prepared for his role in this.

and please tell what you get!