Monday, April 24, 2006

Honey DO

Honey, in case you're thinking, "What would she like?" I've prepared this handy gift guide (because, let's be honest, we gave up long ago the pretense of surprise gifts around our house.)

First of all, remember this morning? This very morning when you were teasing me about my laptop bag not matching my outfit? Don't think I don't feel shame and regret about that every single day of my life, sweetheart. You, my dear, could fix it!

Mock croc--two of my very favorite words in the entire English language (when used together; separately they mean nothing to me.)

Wouldn't this be fun? Sure, it has only one, maybe two practical uses, but hey, it's a TORCH that blows FIRE.

Perhaps a set of clubs for my new favorite pastime? These are nice too. I won that whole box of golf balls that I have to use eventually (thanks, T.)

Remember how your child has left me with half sets of dinnerware? Remember that? You could make up for it you know...
Speaking of Target they have these mirrored tables....sigh. No, I have no idea where I'll put them, but I could find a place--believe me! The chrome airplane? The other chrome stacked open ovals sculpture? All totally unnecessary, but oh how tasty.

You know I'm all out right? Or rather, that World Spice keeps giving me the run around (something about their supplier in Iran and volatility in the region, total crap.) So I found another place to order (I did the legwork!)

Alphabet cookie cutters! Wait, that's what Guille wants for his birthday.

Maybe four hours in a totally clean house, totally alone

would be the best present. I could read a book, wouldn't that be heaven?


~j. said...

Very helpful. Thanks for doing this.

I notice that you didn't list Kirby Heyborne's new CD. Is that because you already own it, or...?

AzĂșcar said...

Own it?! I purchased the distribution rights!

Bek said...

Great list....I like the last one.

I have the ABC cutters (use them all the time...but they rust..plastic might be better) and the blowtorch (which I use all the time too....suprisingly).

Golfing, eh? Lauren just started, you guys can golf and I will drive the cart.:-)

BowlerGirl said...

I vote for the clubs.

J....please buy her the clubs! This is totally and selfishly motivated but I need some girls to golf with in June. So let me reiterate ...I'm pretty sure that Carina wants the clubs the too. password today was gzdSBT. Of course, the SBT was the important part.

LuckyRedHen said...

I'll ride in the golf cart with Bek while wearing my HOT capri golf pants (I have several).

Glad you produced a Wish List because I'll be blogging one too (mine's next month --- shameless plug). And all the research... I'm jealous and in awe.

Rachel said...

happy, happy day!