Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Let's Make Cookies!

What's that? New cookie cutters just for little boys?
And they're in the shape of
a train that has wheels that really move?
Sign us up!

First, grab train box. It's ok to sample the bench flour.

Make cookie dough. Chill for 20 minutes.

Roll out dough (and push train around too.)

Cut in your favorite shapes. Airplane first (of course.)

Use train box to push around assorted cookies cutters that are not in use.

Chill shapes on pan for 5 minutes to retain their forms while in oven. Cook for 9 minutes.

Make the royal icing, it hardens but is tasty. Use spring-timey colors. Ok to sample.

Oh, it's messy!

No! Not the towel!

Hmm, it's everywhere.

Use icing to outline shapes. Wait a few minutes until hardened.

Use white icing made runnier through the addition of water to fill shapes. Icing will run to the outline and find level. Use a small offset spatula to help icing along as needed. Wait until hardened. Use contrast color to pipe on more details.

Planes! Trains! Automobiles! Racing cars! Fire engines! Front loaders!

Could a boy ask for anything more?

That train is going fast!

The plane might be going even faster. One thing is for sure, they're all gone now!


cabesh said...

Cure, cute, cute! Where did you get the cookie cutters? What is your sugar cookie recipe (mine has to chill for a lot longer than 20 minutes)?

Are you sure this isn't really Martha Stewart masquerading as Carina?

Kiki said...

Um...excuse me, but is that all-natural food coloring you used in that icing?

Those cookies are too cute. You are such a food artist.

LuckyRedHen said...

Holy crap. I buy the $2.50 pre-made-squished-in-the-shape-of-a-bunny-in-the-middle from the Pillsbury doughboy sausage thingy and burn them. I suck. Snarky.