Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ms. Fix-it

I am the fix-it around our house. J gets too frustrated too quickly to do most home improvement or repair projects. He's of the If It Doesn't Fit MAKE IT School of home repair. I frown on this method. (Although I must admit that his penchant for hitting computers seems to get errant hardware working.)

That is why when the disposal was clogged with potato peels (don't ask) on Monday night, I was the one who borrowed a drain snake from my dad on Wednesday. I released the trap, with a bucket below to catch the mess, and snaked that pipe! It was dirty only in the most literal sense of the word.

The good news:

I did it! I fixed it! A sense of accomplishment all around.

The bad news:

Thursday during a Very Important Meeting at work I got a call from my house husband that I could not answer (VIM.) He called back twice more in a row. Since I couldn't leave to take the call I instant messengered J's friend, who called him and told J to get on IM to communicate with me (this would have been easier had J not voluntarily given up his cell phone last year.)

"The Dishwasher is broken," he entered. "What happened?" I asked.

Long story short, smoke started billowing out of the washer. Hmm. This is probably beyond my Huxtable-like skills of home repair.

Score 1 for me and a drain snake.

Score 1 for the appliances and the repair guy who is coming today.

The best news is that we have options when it comes to affording new appliances.


La Yen said...

That is an amazing price, especially if she is potty-trained. (We paid almost that much for one that wasn't)

Kiki said...


AzĂșcar said...

Yay! We didn't have to get a new washer. We paid 37.50 to have a guy tell us (me) that a "bean or a bread-tie" could have momentarily gotten stuck.


LuckyRedHen said...

My front door doesn't blow open with the wind after tonight. I borrowed a rotary hone and grinded/ground the plate to get the thingy to work. Very technical and I am proud too.

Maybe I'll get you a tool belt for your birthday ;o)