Thursday, May 04, 2006

AR: 9

Spoiler from Wednesday's Amazing Race, highlight with your mouse to see some thoughts.

I love the Hippies and I'm so glad that they got ANOTHER non-elimination round. Have you been a fan long enough to laugh as hard as I did when they wore their Bowling Moms shirts?
As for MoJo....They drive me a little nuts. Especially when Monica talked about how she hated being called a dumb blonde and then pronounced Palermo, Sicily (Pah-LER-moe) PAL-eh-mo.

What are your predictions? Will you punch the TV if the FRats win the prize? I will. Yes, they've been good competitors, but honestly, they're jerks.

As for Ray and Yolanda, I don't have an opinion of them, other than they bore me .

I'm so glad they ditched the family version; it was a sedative of a TV show.


~j. said...

Long live the new bowling moms.

I want to kick Monica in her face a little bit.

Frat boys, too.

I'd be okay if Ray & Yolanda won.

But not as okay as when the hippies win!!!

La Yen said...

If the Hippies ever get eliminated I am not watching anymore. I just don't care about anyone else. I liked the Frat boys to start out with, but they are just too fratty. They remind me of the husband of a girl I know who has a douche for a husband and I get all mad. And I love run-on sentences. Can I also say, thank heavens that that ridiculously gay couple got eliminated on round 1? I couldn't take them for another hour.

AzĂșcar said...