Monday, May 08, 2006

I knew I had it Coming

“I need that,” Guille said, searching for the word and pointing to the belt on the jeans from yesterday.
“A belt? You need a belt?” I answered.
“I need a belt!” Guille responded happily.
I giggled a little inside and helped him put on the belt (he was very still and cooperative.)

He’d already picked out the pants (bright orange) and the shirt (a zillion primary-colored tractors,) so he was picking the belt too; it didn’t match either.

“I need hat,” He said, running to the corner to retrieve the plaid bucket hat. He asked for help putting the navy and green plaid hat on and I obliged. Finally, he turned to me and said,
“I need a tie.”
“You need a TIE?”
Nodding to the affirmative, “Yeah, I need a tie.”
“You can wear a tie tomorrow when we go to church.”

That answer satisfied him as we trundled off to the grocery store. Me: normal red shirt and white skirt. Him: Toddler’s preference for bright crazy colors and patterns all at once.

He stayed in the “Car” cart for about 2 minutes before he broke out his “King of the World” impersonation. I didn’t find it funny, but the 60ish woman on the baking supplies aisle sure did. “Please get down!” He started saying. I relented. He took off like a rocket. About NOW I’m happy we went to Day’s instead of much larger Macey’s. He made it to the post office where he went in and CLOSED the DOOR—locking himself inside.
He could see me through the mail slot and I could see him. I walked s l o w l y over to the nearest employee and explained that my toddler had locked himself in the Post Office. I could hear him calling, “Mami! Mami! Mami!” as far away as the onions.

This experience did not deter him as he circumnavigated the store. He made a break for the doors while I was at checkout and racing, I caught him (by his neck) before he darted into traffic. Who is that child’s mother?
All the ladies at Day’s are smiling, remembering their own toddler daze.

On Sunday, he was, as usual, moving the plastic magnetic alphabet between the living room and the fridge. He’s keeping busy. And then I hear, “Put in water!” under his breath as he runs past me.


Quick, where do I have water?

Oh yeah,
That’s where I have water:

Did you see the batteries?


Emmie said...

Steve read this with me, and laughed mightily.

I hope he laughs that hard when his own kids lock themselves in a post office.

Azúcar said...

I hope he enjoyed himself.

I knew I had this all coming since I was a runner myself. My mom laughed loudly and with much mirth at this story. She recalled the many times that I would disappear in stores or lock her out of their apartment.

It was to be expected, children are Kharma personified.

Kiki said...

That is hilarious, especially the battery part and the under-the-breath "Put in water" part.

La Yen said...

Jooj is not a putter yet, but more of a finder--yesterday she found the one remaining easter egg at my mom's house.

waldo said...

My favorites are the divers. You know the ones. You're walking along, holding the kid, and all of a sudden BAM! They're headfirst toward the ground and you have to dive too or look like the complete tool who dropped their child onto the floor at the mall. Yeah.

waldo said...

Not that I've ever done that.

~j. said...


Julie said...

Too funny! Love the batteries. At least it was a vase of flowers and not the toilet.

Azúcar said...

Oh no...we're into a toilet phase too...just not for the proper, uh, usage.

LuckyRedHen said...






Azúcar said...

I hear it's all the rage at enrichment meetings everywhere.

Queen Scarlett said...

*chuckle* - what great stories you'll be able to tell him and his future gf/wife one day... if you decide to let him live that long. ;-) I find mischief so adorable.