Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ned? Ned Ryerson?

I got home yesterday and noticed a poster tube and package in my mail box. That’s funny. I thought, I don’t remember ordering anything that should look that that. I opened the package first and right there was my very own autographed copy of Stephen Tobolowsky’s Birthday Party on DVD—a movie I’ve been dying to see since it was at SXSW last year. Stephen. Tobolowsky. You know, Stephen Tobolowsky?

Ned, Ned Ryerson,

Anyway, I entered a contest to fly out to L.A. to be at Stephen’s next birthday party a couple months ago. Turns out I didn’t win the trip, but I did win the autographed DVD and a signed (TO ME) movie poster.

It looks just like this, only signed (to me) :

Mr. Tobolowsky has a reputation as a fabulous storyteller, which is essentially the plot of the movie: a gathering at one of his legendary birthday parties where he entertains the crowd with tales of dragons, magic, and mysticism (or show business and gossip depending on your point of view.)

The thing is, I really like Tobolowsky—one of those great character actors with whom you want to meet just to chew the fat (knowing Stephen, he would probably spring for real fat, too.) I think I just have a thing for working character actors, all the fun with none of the drawbacks.

Just look at a handful of his more than 150 movies:
Groundhog Day
Mississippi Burning
Great Balls of Fire!
The Grifters
Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael
, for crying out loud.

The guy has done the best TV shows:
Curb Your Enthusiasm
West Wing
L.A. Law
Mad About You
Murder One
The Practice

A zillion other shows

Can you imagine the stories he has to tell? What do you think he has to say? I bet I'll find out soon!

I think I can start name dropping Steve's name now, "Oh yeah, Steve, great guy, throws a great party. You gotta go some time."


This is me said...

The "Groundhog Day" Ned Ryerson scene(s) is one of my favorites of all time. Thanks for reminding me that I need to re-watch a great movie.

Emmie said...

Groundhog Day is Stu's favorite movie ever. I love it, too. It's so wonderful, I don't even mind that Andie MacDowell is in it. And that's saying a lot.

Azúcar said...

This is Me, welcome!

ELTF- I can't stand her either! She's at least bearable in this movie. She was ok in Green Card too since she was playing someone with a stick up her butt (type casting.) However, I will never forgive her for ruining Four Weddings and a Funeral. I think she had to loop the entire movie.

Steve T isn't fond of her either (I'm pretty sure.)

~j. said...

I rank the Ned Ryerson scene(s) right next to the scene from 'Dumb and Dumber' with the guy who says, "Get off the phone."

Scott Weinberg said...

You forgot SNEAKERS, in which Mr. Tobo is just hilarious.

Azúcar said...

I DID. Such a great movie.

Becca said...

carina, since we're name dropping guess what? i DO know the name stephen tobolowsky 'cuz he's my mom's childhood sweetheart. too funny, no? i'm keen to see this one too.
btw, congrats on the signed posted and dvd. i wish i was that cool.

Azúcar said...

What a crack up!