Sunday, May 07, 2006

Tired of

Café Rio
This tasty tex-mex restaurant was the go-to place for many years for so many of us. Let’s be honest, the food is divine. There are still lines every day during lunch and dinner—every, every day. As of Friday morning at 11:36 am I am tired of Café Rio. I don’t want to eat there, smell there, or think of there. It’s over, we’re through. I’m going back to my first love: El Azteca. He’s always been there. From family dinners at the restaurant to the comfort food from the taco shops—we have a history. I’m seeing him again. Oh, yeah, and Rio? Your food all tastes the same.


Applebee’s Commercials
Oh my H, I am so through with Applebee’s commercials. It’s not clever, amusing, funny, or original to remake the entire Oldies station catalogue with new lyrics referring to your lime-margarita-encrusted-shrimp-deep-fried-jack-daniels-lard-chipotle-cheese smothered-chicken because EWw. I didn’t know it was possible for my head to explode but then I heard you change the lyrics to the Gilligan’s Island theme song and all of a sudden there is grey matter all over my furniture. It kind of blends into my chairs.

Yes Dear
Does CBS even know that it’s still on the air?

Uber-Slouchy Massive Metallic Hobo Bags

Harry Potter Series
I get it. You’re hooked on a series. It’s clever, darling, and has made you and your child discover the wonders of reading. I’m sure you’re right; if I started them I would love them. But I cannot begin another series. I can’t. Wheel of Time—I’ve been reading them for FOURTEEN years, fourteen years with eleven books so far. Alvin Maker—1987 was the release date for Seventh Son….help me, please. Sword of Truth-more than a decade, Goodkind, what are you doing to me? I’m so happy that you have found Harry Potter. I can’t read them until they’re done. I can’t do another series. I’m tired of you talking about how long you have to wait for a new book—WHATEVER. Have you been reading it for fourteen years? No. Have you been waiting since 1987 for HP to finish? No. Stop your whining you even get movies! (All you Dark Tower people have my sincere sympathies; Clan of The Cave Bear, I feel your pain.) So, no, I’m not going to read HP and I’m tired of talking about it.

Have they prolonged the flying thing long enough? Sometime ago Lana went to China. She strolled down a hallway in a jacket and appeared to be 3’11” tall. Chloe, Lana, Chloe, Lois, Lana. That’s it, I’m out.

Inside Edition/Access Hollywood/The Insider/etc ad nauseum
I never intend to watch Inside Edition (sure) but it comes on right after my beloved Nightline. All of a sudden I’m on BUMP WATCH. Did Naomi and Levi visit Neil Lane YES, but what will the ring look like, the size, the color, the design, and the pavarottis. Sienna Miller dresses like Derelict. I need a fork to stab in my eyes. Maybe I should stab a fork in the generic blonde that hosts those programs (I haven't forgotten Pat O'Brien, oh no I haven't .) In any case, I’m tired and going to cinco into my bed-o (that’s for you, laby.)


~j. said...

A list! Yay!

What's Coldplay?

my word verification: fcktcu

Kiki said...

Can I admit here that I am so over teaching YW? Can I? Please? Without judgement?

I've been gone for a long time now, so I think I should be able to say that I miss Cafe Rio. And Betos. And Lenitos. And El Azteca. We have not real, good Mexican food here. We have lots of Mexicans, but they DON'T GET IT! I NEED UNA TORTA DE CARNE ASADA Y JAMAICA!!! But from Cafe Rio, I need one of those burritos. I don't care which. They all taste the same.

I'm over Alias. I will watch the last coupla shows because I've watched the entire series, but I'm so glad it's ending.

I'll be back later with more.

compulsive writer said...

I somehow feel better now admitting that I celebrated Cinco de Mayo at El Azteca. (I completely overrode my mother's suggested venue: Taco Bell. Hello?) I frequently crave their enchilada sauce.

But no one does Tres Leches like Rio.

Loved the Wheel of Time series. But it took so long for the next books to come out I would completely forget the last book before the next one was published. I'm going to wait till they're all written. Buy them all. Retire to the Oregon Coast or the Bahamas and read them consecutively. On a beach chair.

Then watch every episode of 24.

Kiki said...

Oh, I watch EVERY episode of 24. In fact, I have stated that I would fail a class, life, anything, before I miss an episode of 24. I may TiVo it and I may tape it, but I WILL watch it when it comes on at its aired moment. NOTHING will come between me and FOX at 8PM CST on Monday night. NOTHING! BEST. SHOW. EVER!

Bek said...

What I want to know is how Yes Dear even got on the air in the first place. Worst Show Ever!

Azúcar said...

CW: My employees wanted Cafe Rio on Cinco de Mayo! I threw a hissy. I caused a rift between those who stuck with Cafe Rio (63$ for 6 meals) and El Azteca ($30 for 6 meals.) Que Vive El Azteca! Que Viva la Revolucion! So glad another WoT'er is around. I have to reread the previous book before the new one comes out, which necessitates reading the last half of the book before that, oh my H that's a lot of preparatory reading.
And I'm sorry: I DO much better tres leches than Cafe Rio.

~J-what IS a Coldplay? Hey, if a Coldplay isn't down in Cedar City, why should it be down up here?

Someday I may watch 24, I have the best of intentions.

Yes Dear makes my fillings hurt.

fijiangirl said...

Yeah another 24 fan! Can I just tell you our kids go to bed early on Monday night and FHE is only 15 minutes so we can have a quite home for 24. O.k. even if we didn't watch 24 FHE would still only 15 minutes. But still Monday nights revolve around 24.

Kiki said...

Phones go off the hook, and I get very perturbed when people are chatting or even moving around during the show. Is it too much to ask them to hold all conversations until the commercials? No. No, it's not. And let's not even get into what happened when the missionaries came over TWO MONDAYS IN A ROW! I love the missionaries and all, but it's not too much to ask them to avoid this house during ONE HOUR of the week. (Okay, let's get into it.) I think they've made a note because they haven't bothered us since I said, "No, really. I wasn't kidding. Don't come here during the 8 o'clock hour on Monday. I will not answer the door again even if I AM sitting a foot from the door and you can see me through the glass."

compulsive writer said...

Because I NEED Tres Leches:

I just make a sponge cake and drench it in a mixture of one cup milk or cream, one cup evaporated milk and one cup sweetened condensed milk. It's good. But it's not THAT good.

Will you share your recipe?

Azúcar said...

I forgot to say I'm TIRED of The Bird Flu. I know, we're all screwed. Even Deborah Norville is talking about Bird Flu...

Are you making a box cake or a homemade sponge? Make a regular cake, it will do better. I'd use more sweetened condensed milk than a cup, use at least a can, to a can and a half. Put a pinch of salt and a couple drops of vanilla into the soaking liquid. If you can, flip the cake a few times to get even distribution. Patience is the key.

compulsive writer said...

Homemade--do they even make a mix for sponge? I will try a regular cake--I like them better anyway. I have flavored the cake with almond extract before and like it, but I'm going to try your recipe.