Monday, May 22, 2006

What We Like

Guille and I like Deal or No Deal. He likes all the numbers and the clapping. I like the mindless few minutes it gives me.

What We Do Not Like (but do anyway):
Getting up at 5:30am
Sitting on a plane for four hours
Benedryl that doesn't work
Not being able to "go outside" on a plane trip
Spending 30 minutes in the plane bathroom screaming at the top of our lungs
Snotty flight attendants

More of What We Do Like:
Giving matchbox cars a bath in ginger ale
Potato chips
Strangers waiting in the gate after we deplane to say how good of a job Mami did
Sandwiches from Kneaders (me: tuna on hazelnut with greens, him:PB&J on rye)
Being home


La Yen said...

Isn't it awesome how your Mami standards for things like, say, stickiness, are completely lowered while on a plane?

Azúcar said...

Totally. A few words of reproach started to cross my lips and then I thought, "Uhm, who cares? Because I don't! At least he's not screaming."

Bek said...

You made it home!! Brava.

I was hoping the return trip would be easy (ier). :-)

Azúcar said...

NO such luck, it was worse. He screamed for a good portion of the trip.