Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Work Less! Earn More $$!

You could work at home setting your own hours and make a gajillion dollars! It’s simple, you just need to get some other people working underneath you, who will get people to come underneath them, and you get a piece of all of that. Can you imagine the freedom? How you could stay home with your wife and kids (when you have them.) This is a new system/product/opportunity, you can’t pass it up; you’ll be left behind the pack. Get in on the ground floor, build a downline, it’s just that easy!

It’s MLM season again. All around this area you will see young men sitting at tables outside eateries trying to convince other young men that they will only have to work five hours a week to earn the national gross domestic product of Costa Rica.

Tiffany overheard: “It’s just like a pyramid scheme, only it’s legal.” As she stated later, “I don’t think that using the word ‘scheme’ in a pitch is the best way to convince someone to sign up.”

Yes, it would be great to stay at home and work no hours a week. It would be better to not have to strong arm your friends and family to work underneath you in some sort of half-baked scheme to make you all wealthy (12Dailypro?)

J and I went once to an interview for a new position associated with a new Internet product that they would not divulge until the meeting. That product? WebTV.

When J and I started snickering during the pitch we were called out on our obvious lack of respect. When we explained that broadband was on its way, integrated monitors, wireless connections and components, these well groomed young men looked at us as if we were sprouting horns. They couldn’t understand the concepts we were outlining. Not a good sign. After about 20 minutes of us laughing in the back of the presentation, and their general discomfort with the questions we were posing, we were asked to leave. Pity, we could have really made some hamiltons from that ground-floor positioning.

Let me ask you, do you want to have more spare time to play with your friends and family? Would you like to make more money in a day than some people make in a month? Because we have an opportunity for you!


~j. said...

Who uses calling cards anymore?

LuckyRedHen said...

Or pays long distance? Schaw.

fijiangirl said...

What ever happened to our work ethic? I don't see anything wrong with putting in an honest day of hard work. Too many people feel like they shouldn't have to work for their $$. Sad.

La Yen said...

It's not a pyra...I have to make a call.