Friday, June 30, 2006

The Bun Goes to Mexico

Congrats to ~j on the bun in the oven.

Let's put a spin on our trip to Mexico!
Here is the bun suffering from a 14 block walk. They did pretty well considering it was 238 degrees outside that day.

Easy to tell from this picture that there is a bun:

no layering, good posture, no jean jacket, all baby!

Baby is tired of Mexico, the "Ballet Parking" (seen on an actual sign,) and wants to go home.

Welcome back from your other vacation. It's so nice to not have to keep a secret.


Rachel said...

Congrats ~J! You and your bun look very cute in these pics.

~j. said...

HAHAHAHA!!! You're the best, azucar.

LuckyRedHen said...

I KNEW she knows someone who takes bun pictures ;o)

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