Sunday, June 11, 2006


Did you hear? Mexico won 3 to 1 beating Iran in the World Cup. And if you don't know what the World Cup is, what are we going to do with you?

We were in Mexico "That's right, it's a faux-hawk" today when they defeated "Guests of the Ayatollah" Iran. Oh the joy! Oh the heart-rendering joy! Stores were closed, markets overflowing with revelers, and flags waving from every vehicle.

Wait a second, I think that's someone we know...(you know who you are.)

How did you make it to Mexico before us?!

We had no idea you were

a.) So invested in The World Cup

b.) So happy that Mexico won

c.) So excited you circled the block 13 times

d.) Could stomach street food in Mexico.

Love from Northern Mexico,

Las Chicas.


spitzer said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but can the states beat the czechs? "wir sind gut" (als ich in Deutschland war, waren diese Fußball Poster uberall)!

BowlerGirl said...

Mexico? Mexico? What did I miss?!?! When did you leave for Meixico?

Kiki said...

B. I pick B. What ARE you doing in the trash dump that is northern Mexico? The way I see it, you can only be doing one or more of four things: 1. Buying 100 proof vanilla, 2. Buying bulk oxycontin, 3. Getting cheap surgery, or 4. Getting hit on buy every Mexican man in Northern Mexico. Only one of those is a good thing. So my question to you is this: did your dad strongly counsel you not to go to Mexico like my dad strongly counseled me not to go to Dallas for the weekend?

This is me said...

Oh, the World Cup. To say my husband is a soccer fanatic would be the understatement of the century. It's all we've done all weekend and all we will continue doing for the next month. I just checked the US score and I will just say that it is going to be a dark day in this household. On Saturday, my three year old even announced that it was going to be "a World Cup-py of a day!" Indeed, child. Indeed.

La Yen said...

My head hurts. I need more churros and crap.
Jooj loves the gallette. I miss you already.

c jane said...

Chup wanted a Chalupa.

This post challenged my bladder control.

~j. said...

"Quieres soup y salad?"