Monday, June 05, 2006

Sugar’s Studio Yoga

When preparing for morning workout, don’t forget to close the doors to the bathroom and the computer rooms on the way to the workout space (living room.) If you have not arranged for breakfast for your partner, it is crucial that you do so. Your partner is unable to function without a fresh fruit cut into bite-sized pieces accompanied by a cereal or a grain of some kind. Diluted juice is the favored drink; place in a spill-proof cup (aka ‘sippy.’)

Roll out your mat, after clearing away all Thomas Tank Engine toys and crusty bits from the day before.

Salutation: Raise arms high and bend a little. Your partner will laugh and say “yogart!”

Stretch: From a sitting position, extend your legs, bend to touch your toes. This is time for partner mimicry. He will also bend over, touching his toes (easily) and smile at his excellent impression of your stretch.

Down Dog: Your feet and hands on the floor, making a triangle with your body. If you have a partner, encourage him to run underneath you while performing this technique. Actually, no encouragement necessary, he will most likely run circles underneath you anyway.

Up Dog: Legs flat on your mat, push up with your arms and bend back. Do not pay attention with your partner giggles “Up DOG Woof woof woof,” concentrate on breathing in and out fully.

Warrior Pose: From Down Dog, swing one foot forward into a lunge and flatten the other foot. Raise your arms up, looking out over your right fingertips. Assure that your partner has a toy car. He will use that car to run up your rear leg onto your back. “Vroom” sounds very much like “Ohm.”

Pigeon: From a sitting with legs crossed position, leave one leg crossed and extend the other leg behind you. Lean forward. Don’t forget to breathe. Please ignore your partner while he tries to sit on your one crossed leg.

Camel: From a kneeling position, reach behind and grab your heels, bending your back. Your partner will attempt to tickle your belly button, or also grab your ankles.

Sit with your feet together and lean forward, resting arms on floor and head down. Ask your partner if he’ll push your back forward for traditional partner-work. He is happy to oblige—until sitting on your outstretched knee is more appealing.

Relaxation: Lay flat on your back to become one with yourself, be in the present, let the energy flow through your body. If your partner happens to jump on your exposed tummy and attempt to lick your face, consider your session over.



more caffeine, please said...

I am as flexible as a steel beam. One time Chad and I tried some yoga videos and he was so great at them and I nearly died. From yoga. Seriously. I wish so bad I was flexible so I could go to a class and not look like I have a steel beam in my back...

Geo said...

What a workout. Sounds delightful!

Azúcar said...

It was better this morning. I was fist-feed cheerios while attempting bridges and the standing splits.