Thursday, July 06, 2006

Weekly Recap

A capsule review of the past few days at Casa Azúcar:

  • Today I woke up to something crawling on me. Without my glasses I wasn’t immediately sure what it was and then I realized it was a black spider. I reached over and smashed the creature skittering on my right hand with my left. Now everytime I feel a hair move, or skin graze, I think I have spiders crawling on me.
  • I came home to make one of my favorite summer side dishes. That's when I found out that my husband has been feeding my two year old $12 a pound imported gruyere cheese that was for use, sparingly, in cooking, as a snack. "Of course he liked it, honey, it’s delicious." I might be pretentious, but I am not about to cultivate a love of gourmand foods in a preschooler.
  • The fruit of my loins washed my RAZr with my 400 thread count sheets. On the plus side, my phone no longer has those body soils that detergents can leave behind. On the downside, those sateen stripe sheets have red penny-sized marks from something that leaked from the phone. To tell you the truth, I’m more upset about the sheets than the phone and all the numbers it contained. I got a really good price on those sheets at TJ’s. The same cannot be said about T-Mobile--who won’t help me get a good price on a phone unless I wait a month. It’s only a month away and I am going to sign a two year contract, you’d think that the company would work something out. But nooooooo.
  • El Guille is preparing to run away to join the circus. He likes to crawl on top of the couch, step a foot onto each of my collar bones, do a standing balance, and push off into a dive for the couch below. Repeat two billion times. I feel like a bruised pommel horse.

Good Things

  • I saw Julia Duffy at the Parkway Albertson’s a couple days ago.

The store was nearly empty, and it was just Julia and her manager/agent/spouse/middle-aged cabana boy. He was hustling up business for her. I played it totally cool and smiled such as you might smile at a neighbor you vaguely know. She smiled back in a very professional, interior designer kind of way. I asked her how Mary Fran was and if I could get one of her famous sweaters these days and she laughed and laughed. Don’t you wish I’d said that? Julia and I could have been friends. For real, El Guille and I breezed past after the friendly smiles, you know, I hate to disturb artists while they’re walking around just like us. Plus, she was wearing too much makeup--I mean what if The Duffster is all method and she'd been in character? I can't handle all that Penn-ness in my face like that.

  • New season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • Finding my Christmas trees on sale!
  • Yen and W were right about Hex
  • Watching Gary and Chris’ planes flying over the parade.
  • Staying up all evening with my friend, dishing the high school dish.
  • Two billion piggy back rides around the house.


Kiki said...

This makes me want to go buy some Port Salut and watch "Designing Women" reruns while snacking on the expensive imported cheese.

compulsive writer said...

Where does one find those manager/agent/spouse/middle-aged cabana boy types?

Can you get one without the spouse/middle-aged part (already got one of those)?

Actually someone told me the other day what I really needed was a wife. Still thinking about whether that offended my feminist sensibilities.

Or not.

~j. said...

Who gave you piggy-back rides?

Azúcar said...

Guille, but he cried a lot.

April said...

I just watched an episode of "It's Always Sunny.." the other day. That show is stinking hilarious! I can't believe I've been missing out.

c jane said...

The Council Woman said that the best part of the parade was your coming forth.
She loved how you curtsied with your lovely skirt.
That was my favorite part too.

metamorphose said...

Oh your pretty sheets...sad.

Cabana boys are all the rage these days, eh? Or really, when have they ever not been all the rage...le sigh.

Azúcar said...

CW- If I knew where to find such a multi-forward-slash guy, I would absolutely pass on the information. Or would I...

April-it's hit or miss sometimes, but most of the time, it makes me laugh, snort, and laugh. Have you seen Psych yet?

Cjck- I don't remember a curtsey, maybe I did? It seems unlike me to bend my stiffened neck.

Meta- I knew you'd feel my pain.

My new phone is supposed to be here on Monday. So sorry to everyone I haven't called or messaged lately, it's because I don't have your numbers! Or perhaps you've all been taking some well deserved breathers from the media messages I fling forth everyday.