Thursday, August 24, 2006

Black, Red, and Silver

The bottom tier: Lemon Poppyseed
with lemon cream cheese frosting.
Second tier: Caramel Apple Spice Cake
with cream cheese frosting.
Third tier: Chocolate Raspberry with white chocolate frosting.
Top tier: Buttermilk Cake with Chocolate Hazelnut filling.

Congrats to my little brother and to my new sister.


Kiki said...

That cake is incredible!

metamorphose said...

I'll say! It may not be about the dress, but with a cake like that, it sure might be all about the cake!

b. said...

The cake is stunning as is the back of your new sisters dress....WOW!! I am in awe of your talent! I don't know what it is about girls when it comes to the wedding. I was only a hair bridezilla, looking back I roll my eyes! And I wasn't even close to what you are describing or what I see on the tube! A few of my nieces and nephews have forgone the reception and stuck with just a nice intimate brunch with the family and friends and they get to the good stuff sooner and without the baggage of the day!

La Yen said...

It was practically fall.

compulsive writer said...

That is one BODACIOUS cake! I seriously think you should consider giving up your day job. You are awesome--especially to do that for a family wedding and being pregnant too. I'm sure I would've had to have a taste of all four tiers. I'm going to dream tonight about buttermilk cake with chocolate hazelnut filling.

April said...

I am in awe over that cake. Looks like a delicious masterpiece.

fijiangirl said...

The cake is stunning... have you ever considered entering the Food Network Amature Challenge. I saw one the other day for cookies, I am sure they have one for wedding cakes. You would certinaly take the cake! I would try a piece from every single tier. You amaze me!

Lorien said...