Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dear President Bush,

I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the protests today. I really, really wanted to. As you can see, I was forced to conduct my own personal protest from the relative comfort of my awesome sofa. This is no reflection on you. Believe me, if I had to throw up on anyone else, it would totally be you. We'd have a good laugh about it too, you'd make a crack about partyin' with the boys years back and I'd laugh while hiccuping. Maybe Laura would have held my hair. I might have asked you for an Altoid though (is that cool?)

Anyway, you know that we've never had an easy relationship. At first I thought you were completely incompetent, but I had no idea. 9/11 happened. You did the right thing (well, other than stopping it, but maybe no one could have stopped it, no matter what that PDB said.) You invaded the right country, our boys and girls did good work there. They're still doing good work there, let's throw them some more support. It's just that in the days right after 9/11 when you asked your folks to find a link to Iraq, I guessed you were just covering all the bases.

Those cool guys you surrounded yourself with, did you know they were planning a way to get to Iraq for years? Maybe you did, maybe you didn't, maybe you don't even care. One thing is for certain, I think you got hoodwinked.

I thought the whole thing was suspicious way back when, but you know me, I decided to follow with a fine toothed comb. I remember watching the entire Colin Powell presentation to the United Nations. My Marine friend and I decided to watch it together (we are on slightly opposite sides but love to debate and concede points to each other, maybe you should try that with people you don't agree with, it's brought us closer together, but whatevs,) both interested in the outcome.

He watched because there was already a stop-loss and he knew that if we invaded, he'd be going. I watched it because I hadn't been convinced by the evidence you'd presented so far to go to Iraq. I figured that for SURE you'd pull out the big guns and drop the real evidence. Nothin' doing. I turned to my Marine friend and said, "I really hope there's something they're not telling us, because this isn't good enough." He agreed, he thought there MUST be something you were holding back. Turns out there wasn't.

Everyone around me was so gung-ho about the Iraq thing, they really were. Even though you later said you DIDN'T say there was a link between the awful events of 9/11 and Iraq, you totally did and so did your dawgs. Like, alot. Lots of people believed that. There was the weapons of mass destruction arguments, the idea that spreading democracy by force would make a better region, getting rid of a bad bad guy (though, if he was so bad, why did you guys hang the Kurds out to dry in the 92 uprising?) and that we had to engage in a proactive rather than reactive fight. I kinda think you used us, you used our patriotism and our trust. That was kinda mean.

In March of 2003 I was pretty bummed. It was clear that we were, no matter what, going to go into Iraq. I remember there were so many people that I worked with that were teasing me about my views. Like a Cassandra, I went around telling anyone who would listen that this was a bad idea, that this war would be very long and very bloody. I would mention that sixty years after WWII, we were still in Okinawa, and it was likely that we'd be in Iraq a minimum of 5 years, likely 10 years, and probably far, far longer.

I said that the Sunni and the Shi'ia, long played against each other under the Hussein regime, would take the opportunity to power grab and that those long simmering animosities would boil over into sectarian violence. After we totally dissed them, who was to say what kind of reception we'd get from the Kurds?

I said that the country would fall apart soon after invasion and we'd be responsible for the crumbling infrastructure, that we'd get the blame if it wasn't fixed right fast. No one believed me.

My marine friend and I got into an argument a few weeks before invasion, right before he shipped out for Pendelton. I said that I didn't want to send other mother's sons and daughters to die for nothing. He was angry because he said this is what they'd been training for since forever and who was I to say that I didn't want other people's sons and daughters to have to go. We eventually came to an understanding. I'd send him lemon poppyseed cake at Pendelton. He went, he served honorably and did great work, came back safely and married the coolest chick.

That's why when your right hand man said "I don't think anybody anticipated the level of violence that we've encountered," I got really, really angry. I DID, I ANTICIPATED IT. A chick who has a BA in History and that works for the Internet anticipated it. What is wrong with our government when some nobody like me KNEW what would happen when YOU DIDN'T. I guess I don't get that.

It's just that if you want to fight terrorists, maybe you shouldn't pick a place and out of hubris, create them. Bygones. Do I think we should leave? Nope. Like Colin Powell said way back when you were hell-bent on this thing, it's Pottery Barn, you break it, you buy it. And we've bought it (177 million a day.)

I also hate when people say that we should not protest you. Of course we should. YOU WORK FOR ME, for my neighbors, for the soldiers, for all the moms and dads. You are accountable to me. There are things that you've done that I'm mostly ok with, but there is a whole lot that is just not cool. That's why, when it's time for a performance review, and you're in my neck of the woods, I thought it was time to discuss your progress. 'Cause I have some issues.

So sorry I couldn't make it. I'm cooking another patriot down here and it's feeling selfish these days. I guess it's more interested in local politics than international strategems right now. I dig, I do.

p.s. Don't you love my muu-muu? My blog is totally magical. I wished for a muu-muu and it appeared at my door last night, straight from Northern Mexico. I wonder what I should wish for next...


Rachel said...

i agree on all fronts. and the muumuu--very magical indeed.

b. said...

Beautifully written AZ, couldn't agree more. But the muumuu's color lacks your passion. I would have thought big bold rainbow stripes or flowers....gotta say, I'm a little disappointed.

LuckyRedHen said...

You're too smart for me... but I'm glad because I know who to call when I have questions. Smartie pants mumu girl.


reva said...

Hey, I just found you from feather123's blog and I'm instantly in love. I was just thinking of how deperately I'm going to need a mumu verra soon (I'm the angry pregnant as well). Just thought I'd say howdy and thanks for making my day!

compulsive writer said...

Love your protest. Especially love that it's an informed protest.

I am totally conflicted and ambivalent about Mr. President. For many of the same reasons.

Which is why I started reading Doonsbury. Sometimes it makes me laugh.

Sometimes I want to cry.

compulsive writer said...

This will bug me all day if I don't fix it.

I meant Doonesbury.

Feel better soon!

metamorphose said...

Hope you feel better soon, as well! But damn, woman! Looking hot in that muu muu!

I too, love reading your informed protest -makes me want to be more involved myself.

Azúcar said...

Chi - Simpatico as always.

B- I'm not going to look that gift horse in the mouth!

Reva - WELCOME! Double welcome since Reva was my grandmother's name. You need to drop me an email (check the contact info in the profile) I want to ask you some stuff.

CW - I know. Sometimes I don't even want to think about it all because I get very depressed. I live in a state of semi-denial. It's not bad here actually, not bad.

Meta- if by hot you mean "giving up" then YES, that's me.

LRH - see you tonight?

b. said...

Re-read about the Muu....yes, it WAS a gift. If one doesn't show up on my doorstep soon, perhaps I will have to visit the phat lady section of wally world, because whatever size you are.....only the phat lady section carries such a BEAUTIFUL selection of animal print and otherwise muuuuuuz.

verification word: pd spa---ahhh!

BowlerGirl said...

I am in absolute hate of our current White Hose situation. And it is most definitely a situation. I listen to a large range of talk radio and news (but not really Fox, because that's not really news). I try to listen to both sides and be fair. The only side that is clearly tuning in tells me that the man in charge is an idiot. A very crafty-lying-strings-being-pulled–kind-a-idiot. I could say more but I wont. What I really fear are the next 2 years while that man remains in charge of my country.

c jane said...

Dear Dixie Chick Numero Quatro,
I am dispassionate about all except the muu-muu which I passionately love. Some good things come from Texas/Mexico/Whatev.
Tu Amiga,
C Juanita

This is me said...

I can never decide if I like/agree with the president or not. So, I just decided to stop caring all together. The news is not allowed in my house unless it's for weather or sports. I do however watch the Today Show (when my kids let me). I am always very impressed by people like you who are actually intelligent and informed about these things. My hat is off to you!
And special thanks to CJane: Some good things do, indeed, come from Texas. Like me!

~j. said...

To clarify about what I said tonight in the car: I agree that we should protest. I just think that one guy was in poor taste. You know?

I heart your muu-muu. And mine.

La Yen said...

Glad you like it!

I was thinking about the same thing--I realized yesterday, after watching Bourdain in Beirut, that I have completely turned my brain off as far as politics goes. Because I can't handle the nonsense in Washington, and I can't criticize too much because of Army, and it makes my head hurt. I want to get back on top of things, but I realize that it will make me angry. And it is just so hot and humid. Apathy, thy name is muu muu.

Azúcar said...

I thought there was another airing tonight of Bourdain in Beirut and I am SO SAD because I missed them all. Anyone? Anyone?

Yen, it all makes me angry too so I try not to think about it. I don't know what I'd do if there was Army.

This is Me: good call on the news thing. TV news is just infotainment (if there isn't video, the story doesn't exist.)

~J - I understand. I disagree because those two have a long history of one-upping each other so it's no surprise, but I understand why people feel that way.

BG- love you

cjane - I knew you'd approve

compulsive writer said...

la yen, you just scored another entry into my collection of comments hall of fame:

Apathy, thy name is muu muu.

Now I want one!

April said...

Very eloquent, though much nicer and more patient with the president than I would be.

I love your red wall with the frames. Gorgeous!

La Yen said...

Compulsive--What is your size? I am going to the Fallas Paredes store this week...

compulsive writer said...
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brittney said...

dear azucar,

i'm late hopping on this post and really you don't even know me, but i'm a friend of the melanie/ees and think i met you back in the day. either way, i just wanted to say thanks for this. your humor tempers the slow-cooked rage and outright grief i waffle between most days. it's a nice reprieve.

brittney carman
moscow, idaho

Azúcar said...

Hi Brittney! Any friends of Melanie/ees are welcome!

Melanie came down a couple weeks ago and it was great to see her.