Monday, September 25, 2006

My Weekend in Pictures: Or, How We Learned to Use The Bucket After Only Changing My Shirt Twice

A catalogue as capture by cell phone camera and sent to Grandma.

1.) Things are bad. Prostrate on the floor, bad. Where is the bucket, NOW bad.

2.) Much needed sleep overwhelms participants.

3.) Hours of evacuation appear to have improved circumstances. Rebound includes copious Saltines and Ginger "Whale."

"Say Cheeeeese!"


~j. said...

Pobrecito. Glad to see the smile.

We had our fair share of the saltines & ginger whale here, too, this weekend. Yukky.

fijiangirl said...

I wish my guy would learn to use the bucket... usually he thinks if he cups his hands together he can catch everything. I try to explain that a bucket is much deeper than what your hands can hold cupped together I even beg please please get a bucket but this husband refuses. The smile is too adorable! I hope he is much better

wendysue said...

Hallelujah on using the bucket. Nothing sucks worse than trying to hold a squirming toddler over the toilet. I hope he's better and I hope you're feeling good too. Toddler pukes + mommy pregnant pukes. . . not good.

Bek said...

Aggghh, that is the worst. Lauren was always sick and NEVER used a bucket. Jacob hasn't been sick yet, EVER. Knock on wood.

Glad everyone is feeling better and sorry for the ickies at your house last weekend. Blech.