Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Let the Wild Rumpus Start

Did you know that there are rules for almost three-year-olds and Halloween? First and most importantly, there should be no pumpkins—with the corollary of definitely no jack o’ lanterns.

This was the first year we actually went trick or treating with El Guille. He got to dress as Thomas the Tank Engine and after much coaxing, was extremely excited. I was extremely excited that I only spent ten bucks and made a cool costume that did not involve a sheet.

Yes! That IS a pop-light as Thomas’ face. In an effort to weigh the back of the costume down (pop lights are heavy I guess) I attached a couple metal electrical box covers and a carabineer. Inadvertently, if Guille ran, the carabineer would swing back and forth hitting the metal covers and clang-clang (like the trolley!) This produced much excitement, shrieking, and attempts to duplicate the running. We hit my neighborhood first which went well once Guille figured out that if you go to a door and ring the bell people will actually give you candy to put in your bucket. After a horrific encounter with the five-year-old next door dressed as Spiderman replete with mask (Guille had to take off the train so that he could climb into my arms and sob gigantic fear-tears into my neck,) we went to nana’s house.

In nana’s neighborhood people really go all out with the decorations. Elaborately carved pumpkins, light and fog effects, outdoor diorama-type displays with skeletons arranged in witty poses (“Look! They’re on chaise lounges with sunglasses!”) I wasn’t at all surprised when someone had Evil Knievel jumping over a pile of women dressed like Morticia Addams.

However appreciated these displays of holiday cheer are to the general populace, El Guille did not approve. Scary lights, out. Fog machines and flying objects, out. Jack o’ lanterns, out, out, out! We could only talk him up to two houses. I guess a kid has to be really frightened to turn down candy because of a pumpkin. He chose the house across the street because they had one small pumpkin that was not carved and obscured by a column. That's him being scared. We then had to walk an entire block (it was freezing) to a brightly lit home with no apparent decorations of any kind. After that house, it was my job to walk up to a given home and to caress the pumpkins (to show him that I would not be eaten by the evil gourds) before he would venture up the pathway holding nana’s hand to beg for a sucker.

Nana’s neighborhood was crawling with people we’ve never seen before. I think the annual rumor (even popular back when I was a kid) that the folks in her ‘hood hand out full-size candy bars still persists to this day. Here’s a hint: they only hand the big stuff out if they know you—they have two bowls of candy, those for interlopers, and those for people from the ‘hood. Sorry, guys, you don’t cut it! I didn’t see a single university student out on the rounds this year—what? Did they all grow in maturity?

At 7:30pm I realized, upon intense personal reflection, that I had not eaten a single piece of candy the entire day. The shame of a Halloween passing without eating crap wracked my soul. I immediately ate a small Almond Joy, a Now and Later (green apple) and a Pay Day (better than you remember!)

El Guille, on the other hand, had been on a steady sucker diet for four hours (chupa-chupa.) I have never seen him in the full grip of a sugar high: the screaming, the uncontrollable bouncing off walls, the shaking, a wild glazed look in his eyes, running full-force into inanimate objects. Halloween: the only day where a parent can’t say ‘no’ to a pure sugar diet (or at least ‘yes’ with no guilty pangs.) I knew I was witnessing a rare sight when on the drive home Guille actually did the 60’s dance The Pony in his car seat. Behold the powers of refined sugars and small bodies.


Bek said...

That is such a cute costume! Good job mamma. I didn't know he was afraid of pumpkins. Poor boy.

Jacob was offended when people tried to put candy in his Elmo bucket. How dare they!! He liked going to the doors, he just didn't like the candy. Lauren got an entire BUCKET of candy and we only did one street.

Thanks for the pictures......

Bek said...

Oh friend's little girl was one of the wild things from the book. SHe loves that book and the whole time she was trick or treating she sang "rumpus, rumpus, rumpus".

She was an adorable wild I loved the title...

Azúcar said...

I have more/better pictures but blogger hates pictures right now, no matter the browser or the connection. I even have a picture of me going as The Scarlet Letter.

You know, he's isn't afraid of pumpkins, but there were so many jack o' lanterns that freaked him out, he wouldn't even walk up to a door with pumpkins. Nerd.

It's Guille's favorite book right now as well: "Wild Fing! And it was still HOT!"

Emmie said...

That is by far the cutest train I ever did see.

The very first present I gave Stu when we were dating was a copy of "Where The Wild Things Are."

(Lots of jokes were made by my friends about "Wild Things", and how I was hinting that we would read it to our future children, but it was truly the most innocent of gifts. I just love the book! )

fijiangirl said...

What a great costume! Don't you love it when you spend almost no money and still come up with a fab costume. He looks adorable!

I have discovered a great secret for after Halloween. Our friends told my children the story of the "Candy Fairy." She is sort of like the "Tooth Fairy." She is also a friend of the dentist and the day after Halloween little children who want the "Candy Fairy" to come will put their candy right outside the front door and the "Candy Fairy” will take the candy and leave a toy in its place.

After a night of trick or treating and still trying to put my children to bed at 10 pm because they were too high on sugar I have decided the “Candy Fairy" is coming to our house tonight!

Tori :) said...

Awesome job on the costume!! Looks so much better than the ones they sell for $30!!

c jane said...

I would kill to have seen The Pony.

metamorphose said...

Fabulous Thomas the Tank Engine.

Would love to see you as the Scarlet Letter! Lame blogger!

compulsive writer said...

That is the coolest costume.

Can I be your kid?

April said...

Great job on the costume!! My niece seems to be the opposite with scary things. She loves them. We walked up to a house where a skeleton was handing out candy. Jersey told him, "You're creepy." Then said, "See ya later, skelton." haha

reva said...

cutest child, in the hostory of children. Seriously, and LOOOOVE his hair!!