Monday, October 02, 2006


I've lost something...

It started with not wanting ice cream.

I could live on ice cream. Strawberry in the summer time, chocolate anytime. More, more, more. Who doesn't want ice cream? Me. I had literally two tablespoons yesterday to see if I could change my own mind, and guess what? I couldn't. I ordered an oreo shake a few days ago just in case, nope. I ate about a quarter of a cup and surrendered the remainder to my thrilled other half.

I'm actually not that crazy about cake to begin with. Don't get me wrong, I'd still eat the cake. These days I don't even want to try it.

Cake is gross.

It's pie and cobbler season. How do I love pie? Let me count the ways! Pumpkin, Apple, Dutch Apple, banana cream, this list could go on forever, seriously don't tempt me to name them all! Fresh peach cobbler, apple crisp, berry jumbles. No, no, no. Don't want. It's like eating them doesn't make me happy, or warm inside, it makes me nothing.

I threw away a cinnamon roll last week, just tossed it into the garbage.

Something is definitely wrong...

Could a milk chocolate Bordeaux, Kona Mocha, Hazelnut Truffle, or Apricot Delight shake me out of this funk? I didn't even bother trying them to find out.

Call me crazy, but I think I’ve lost my sweet tooth.

Is Greenwich Mean Time just a suggestion? Are the ocean levels rising every second? Have the poles lost their axis?


~j. said...

Cake is gross.

What about...muffins?

Rachel said...

mine was gone with my pregnancies, too. i'd try to force it. nope. the thought of sweets made me want to gag....esp rice krispy treats. i don't know why.

i craved plain potato chips. in days past, plain potato chips were just a waste. not while pregnant!

La Yen said...

Not even hot churros from the guy with a basket made from hot churros? Don't tell me you will deny Pedro his pesos!

Azúcar said...

We have the most delicious homemade muffins sent to us every Wednesday at work. A stay at home mom makes them for a little extra cash. I ate one last week because I was starved...and it was like eating nothing.

Pedro can have my pesos, I'll buy a churro for you and you and you (just don't make me eat one.)

Plain chips...not a bad idea, not a bad idea.

The things I crave most often are:
Soups/broths - every night I need broth
Brussel sprouts - lemon, butter, salt and pepper
Leafy bitter greens with vinagrette
Things with vinegar/pickled.

Eating fruit has become a chore.

Azúcar said...

I forgot asian foods and seafood.

p.s. brussel sprouts, who in their right mind craves brussel sprouts?

Emily said...

I love when I become disinterested in food. It doesn't happen often. But tonight I made myself eat half of my Chipotle tacos and it was like eating nothing. I was so proud.

~j. said...

Muffin flavors I recommend:


(as best as i can!)

LuckyRedHen said...

Who the CRAP bakes a blood muffin then who the CRAP eats it? Welcome to my world, Azucar, welcome to it. I got gestational diabetes with my 1st pregnancy and ever since haven't had that sweet tooth like before. Works out that I make up for it in carbs and saturated fats (white sauce).

Rachel said...

If I were there next to you right now, I would hold a pillow over your face so I wouldn't have to see you suffer so.

c jane said...

Shredded wheat?

Azúcar said...


I am making up for it in carbs I think. Baguette avec du fromage.

As for who makes banaaaana muffins, this nice lady does.

wendysue said...

I'd blame it on those darn prego hormones. I was the same way. . . my midwife said when you're dealing with those crazy hormones and sick, the things that may help are really salty foods and really sour foods, so maybe that's why the sweets are out? For me I craved french fries (with LOTS of salt). And maybe a fresh squeezed lemonade?

wendysue said...

My favorite from the nice lady link? Asbestos, and maybe a nice warm imaginary. And how long can she/he keep those eyes open?

Geo said...

I really need to get pregnant.

metamorphose said...

Oh this makes me sad. I'm going to eat chocolate today in honor of your non-existent sweet tooth.

sue-donym said...

I have been mad at you all day today.

b. said...

"I’ve lost my sweet tooth."

I found it!!! If you want it back, email me your address and I will GLADLY drop it off on your doorstep!

Cardine said...

So, I've gotten like that before, but I've never been pregnant. And I've had severe plain potato chip cravings while nothing else sounds good. It comes and goes.

The body is a strange thing.

April said...

That happened to me once, long ago. Those were dark days, my friend. Dark days.

cabesh said...

I can't do sweets during the first two tri-mesters of my pregnancies. I just started the third--hooray! I've been "making up" for the last six months for two weeks now.